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January 4, 2021 Trade Shows

Three Trade Show Trends To Look Out For In 2021


The new year has finally arrived! Although things aren’t entirely back to normal yet, the future looks bright with the release of two new vaccines. 

trade show trends


Many are planning on continuing with their trade shows this year, but what they will look like remains uncertain. Some are returning to in-person trade shows by using social distancing, mask-wearing, and half capacity admittance, while others are planning on staying strictly virtual. 



Whatever the case may be for your business, here are three trade show trends to look out for in 2021. 


Face-To-Face Meetings


At the beginning of the pandemic, face-to-face meetings disappeared completely, and many lost the personal connection they share with their clients. Being able to speak to someone or demonstrate a product in person is critical for many businesses’ long-term success. With this said, it is predicted that in-person trade shows will make a big comeback by the middle of 2021. 


In some states, in-person trade shows are already back up and running, and it is showing executives around the country that they will make a comeback, despite online trade show success. As long as safety measures are in place and individuals obey them, there’s no reason why in-person trade shows can’t resume in 2021.


Virtual Trade Shows


While many are excited at the thought of never having to present at a virtual trade show again, others are eager to learn more about the possibilities that come with them. Businesses that work exclusively in the e-commerce industry have found that it is easier to transfer information onto a digital platform instead of compiling everything into an in-person presentation or display. 


For companies like this, we predict that virtual trade shows will stay. Although some people are fans of both virtual and in-person trade shows, we anticipate that “hybrid” trade shows will not become a thing of the future. Trade shows in 2021 will be one or the other – in-person or strictly virtual. 


Companies Want To Return To Trade Shows


If one thing is for sure, it’s that companies everywhere are eager to return to the trade show floor. Revenue dropped exponentially in 2020, and businesses are working hard to advertise their products to break even in 2021. 


Trade shows can make a world of difference to small businesses; they offer a platform, unlike any other, and allow for relationships to be formed, products to be discovered, and sales to be made. Travel bans and the cancellations of in-person trade shows have affected small business owners in more ways than one. 


AFP Global Logistics predicts that these shows will be back in 2021, and business owners will once again be able to help their businesses grow by presenting at these shows. 


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