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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From a 3PL

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Learn five ways your small business can benefit from a 3PL.

The e-commerce sector is growing quickly as more and more people shop online, but the only thing that is growing faster is customers’ demands. Once a customer makes a purchase online, they expect it to get to them as soon as possible, and constantly look for updates on the shipment. Since customers want their deliveries quickly, it makes sense that companies that provide fast and cheap shipping have a considerable advantage over their competitors. As new technologies take over the world, businesses must be ready to adapt and be as efficient and convenient as possible. Third-party logistics, or 3PLs, provide many benefits for small businesses who are trying to stay competitive against larger corporations, as they act as a middleman service that takes on all the processes of shipping. Read on to learn about five ways your small business can benefit from a 3PL.

What Does A 3PL Do?

Customer service is crucial for every business, and in this day in age, that often means quality products and quick shipment speed at an affordable cost. However, while managing a whole supply chain, it’s not an easy task to also spend time worrying about customer service. As an owner of a small business, you also can’t maintain everything at the highest level on your own. That is where a 3PL comes into play to save you from unwanted and time-consuming work. 3PLs will provide all infrastructure, systems, data, and equipment needed to ensure your business has efficient shipments. A successful supply chain relies on a strong relationship with your 3PL provider, as they will take care of your logistics until the last step of the delivery process.

Saves Time

The first main benefit of outsourcing to a third-party logistics service is the amount of time it saves. Small business owners have their hands full running their company and don’t have the time to find the right carriers, keep track of the paperwork, and handle the freight. To avoid stressing out on these aspects, outsource your logistics to have more time to focus on growing your business.

Saves Money

All small businesses want to cut costs wherever possible, and outsourcing to a 3PL is a great way to save some money. Brokers can provide you with the lowest prices to cut back on shipment costs, and you will only have to pay for space and time that you use. For example, small businesses can use less-than-truckload shipping to share the truck with other shippers, and only pay for the space their freight takes up in the truck.

Customer Service

As mentioned above, customer service is crucial for all businesses. Maintaining a supply chain requires excessive attention to detail, which can take away from a customer’s overall experience. However, 3PLs can help companies excel at customer service by arranging qualified drivers and carriers to handle shipments with care and expertise. By choosing the right 3PL provider, you are making a solid investment for your business.


A 3PL also provides business owners with resources. While the transportation and shipping process may seem straightforward, it is actually a complex chain of operations that demand a lot of special equipment. 3PL services provide owners with all the equipment needed to complete each order, no matter the size or price.


The last main benefit of a 3PL is the network they provide. Small business owners know that communicating with everyone involved in the supply chain in overwhelming and exhausting, but brokers already have a strongly developed network of professional suppliers. With a 3PL, you can be sure that your business is getting the best professional who match all your requirements.

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