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April 5, 2020 News

How COVID-19 Could Affect Your Shipping and Logistics

At AFP Global Logistics, our inboxes have been flooded with questions about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting shipping and logistics across the globe – and understandably so. Supply chains are disrupted, shipments are delayed, and there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the current state of the world. You can see how we’re responding to this quickly evolving situation right here.

While we’re committed to delivering the same quality services our clients have come to know and expect of us, there are some things that are out of our hands. Unfortunately, shipping and logistics will be affected by the near international scale shutdown happening right now. What’s important is to know how it could affect you so that we can work together to prepare solutions for the future.

National and International Travel Restrictions

At present, the U.S. has partially closed borders with Canada and Mexico to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Essential travel is still allowed, which means it will not affect freight or shipping. However, there are some internal restrictions from state-to-state that may affect you, particularly in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You can learn more about that here.

Travel is also extremely limited to European and Asian countries. This ban excludes freight. However, about 60% of shipping takes place on passenger planes, which reduces some air shipping capacity. We’re doing our best to work around these restrictions and redirect shipments.

Business Restrictions due to COVID-19

AFP Global Logistics is based out of Maryland. In our home state, only essential businesses are allowed to operate right now. This includes grocery stores, delivery and carryout for restaurants, gas stations, banks, and auto repair shops, among others. All retail stores and restaurants are currently closed.

This varies state-to-state, though. You can find information on mandatory business closures for all 50 states on this site. It also will connect you directly to the state government site to give you more in-depth information.

Shipping to non-essential businesses is not recommended at this time, as no one will be available to receive the shipment. If you have questions about this, please contact your representative at AFP Global Logistics so we can make sure any existing shipments are squared away.

How Supply Chains are Affected

75% of companies have already reported that their supply chains are being affected by shutdowns and closures. The trucking industry is doing everything in its power to keep things moving, including allowing drivers to work longer hours with fewer breaks.

Our primary goal is to keep you informed of any delays or changes in your shipping and logistics plan. We’re still working hard around-the-clock to bring you the most recent updates and liaise with companies across the globe so we can keep your freight moving.

What You Can Do Right Now

The best thing for all companies to do right now is keep operating as normally as possible while adopting safety protocols and taking care of employees. We recommend the following:

  • Implement remote work policies where possible
  • Limit travel for employees to emergency-only
  • Provide any essential personnel with protective supplies
  • Instruct essential personnel on good hygiene practices
  • Be flexible – everyone is doing their best right now

If you have any questions regarding your shipments, please don’t hesitate to contact AFP Global Logistics. We’re happy to answer questions and put your mind at ease as much as possible. You can call us at 800-274-1237 or contact us on the website.

Stay safe and healthy.