Time Critical Logistics

Time Critical Logistics

Time Critical Logistics

When you have a shipment that must be made according to a strict deadline, efficient logistics are critical. Contact AFP Global Logistics with your emergency delivery requirements and we will respond with an urgent delivery solution to meet your needs. No matter your needs, our logistics experts will provide global shipping services logistics that have been tailored to your unique situation in order to ensure that your shipment arrives on time, intact, and free of damage.

Time critical logistics & shipments are monitored from beginning to end to ensure a seamless experience. Proof of delivery (POD) will be emailed, faxed, verbally communicated, or you can simply go online for the most current shipment tracking and tracing. Communication for time critical shipments is customized to whatever works best for you, so you’ll never have to worry about spending hours on hold with an automated system.

Flexible and Customizable Time Critical Logistics

AFP Global Logistics has specialized in time critical logistics and mission critical logistics for over 25 years. When manufacturers and service providers are faced with unforeseen shipping needs, AFP Global Logistics makes the impossible possible by customizing a logistic solution that will minimize downtime and financial penalties associated with these rare occurrences.

Services offered to accommodate time-critical shipping include:

  • Express Trucking, Sprinter Van to 53’ FT Tractor Trailer
  • Two Driver Teams
  • Same Day Direct Drive
  • Next Flight Out (NFO) Air
  • Charter Service, Lear Jet to 747 Jumbo Jet

The AFP Global Logistics’ customer care team monitors all time critical and mission critical shipments from end-to-end. Communication is the key with these logistic situations and our customer care team will customize logistics notifications that fit our client’s specific needs. The customer care team tracks shipments, updates our clients with shipment progress, and will notify the client once the shipment has delivered.

When you have a critical shipment that must arrive as quickly as possible, results matter. Let the global logistics services experts at AFP Global Logistics handle your time critical and mission logistics. For global logistics in Washington DC and beyond, trust the experts at AFP Global Logistics. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact AFP Global Logistics are 800-274-1237 or via email.

AFP Global Logistics provides seamless solutions for global shipping in Maryland as well as global logistics service for international and domestics shipments. When you need time-critical logistics solutions in Northern VA, Baltimore, or the greater Washington DC metro area, trust the experts at AFP Global Logistics.