National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Is Approaching!
September 11, 2020 News

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Is Approaching!


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is coming up fast! The second week of September is set aside as a time to give thanks to the men and women who move essential goods every day. We here at AFP Global Logistics want to take a moment to thank all professional truck drivers around the country – thank YOU for all that you do!

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Is Approaching!

What It’s Like to be a Truck Driver

Did you know there are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States alone? During the COVID-19 outbreak, we all got an idea as to what the world would look like with little to no transportation and shipping services. Packages have been late, shipping an item to the next state over can take over a month, and most necessities had trouble making it to local grocery stores. The bottom line – We would be nowhere without our truck drivers. They are crucial in delivering goods safely, on time, and in great condition.

However, being a professional truck driver is not an easy job; there are several days and nights spent out on the road, away from family and friends, but drivers know that they have an important job to do. During COVID-19, traveling 24/7 has not been easy. Certain precautions need to be taken at all times. The typical pit stops to grab a bite to eat or use the restroom are now limited. Meetups with other drivers are discouraged due to social distancing, and the need to keep the inside of the truck sanitized is at an all-time high. 

The paperwork that is done by hand and the deliveries that are made inside of facilities are just two examples of how truck drivers have potentially exposed themselves to the virus. And yet, they still find a way to complete every job with ease and grace. Being sure to deliver vital medical supplies and other products around the clock – Even while putting themselves at risk.

Benefits for Truck Drivers During National Truck Driver Week

During the entire month of September, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores will be offering deals for truck drivers to say thank you. Drivers can stop in at any of their locations to receive discounts on food and drink purchases, and earn up to 5,000 My Love Rewards points on certain products. Also, they’ll be giving away one million points ($10,000 value) to lucky drivers during the entire month of September. Other companies such as Pilot Company and TravelCenters of America are also running promotions during the month.

So the next time you see a truck driver, consider thanking them in person. Or perhaps put up a sign outside of your home to show your appreciation. Truck drivers are essential heroes and they deserve to have their moment to shine.


Next week, and every week thereafter, we recognize you and want to say once more – thank you! And if your business needs a logistics partner that will work with you to create the tools you need during this time, contact us today at 1-(800) 274-1237.