Trucks on highway
June 26, 2020 Domestic Shipping

Truck Drivers: The Essential Workers of the Logistics Industry

COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a near standstill. Thousands of companies sent employees home to telework. Retail establishments closed their doors and moved online. Even restaurants found themselves dealing with fewer ways to serve their customers. One of the few industries that has continued to press on and work overtime is the trucking industry – one that is critical to nearly every other industry on the planet. See how the essential work of the logistics industry have kept ground logistics alive and aided millions during a time of global crisis.


Transporting goods for healthcare is always important but its importance has never been more prominent than during a pandemic. Medical suppliers had to move quickly to get testing protocols in place and healthcare workers needed personal protective equipment (PPE)

Ventilators and other medical equipment have also had to move rapidly to provide lifesaving medical care to people who have contracted COVID-19. In fact, one company reported moving as many as 10 times more ventilators than usual and four times as many medical beds.

The trucking and logistics industries stepped up quickly to fill this need, working extra shifts and transporting goods across the country with haste. In fact, AFP Global Logistics even had the opportunity to be a part of this COVID-19 effort. You can learn more about our partnership to deliver critical test tube racks here.


Although some sectors saw a downturn in shipping (especially the gasoline and crude oil industry), many retail companies saw an uptick in demand due to a surge in online shopping. In fact, 58% of online shoppers indicated that they were already shopping online more than usual and would continue to do so in order to stay safe and comply with stay-at-home orders.

Trucking and logistics companies have pivoted to handle changes in various industry demands, filling needs where they see them and doing their best to ensure that people get critical items. One of the industries where demand skyrocketed was paper products.

Truck drivers worked tirelessly to help deliver paper towels, toilet paper, and other items that people began to stockpile at the beginning of the pandemic. They continue to move these goods as quickly as possible to help prevent a shortage if another shutdown occurs.


Grocery stores and restaurants have to continue to operate as essential businesses, even during statewide quarantines. With millions of people staying at home for extended periods, grocery stores saw a major uptick, especially for non-perishable goods and baking ingredients.

Keeping enough food on the shelves is vital to keeping people both calm and healthy. Truck drivers stepped up and began moving as swiftly as possible to help grocery stores stay stocked. Many drivers are also delivering emergency food and water to other front line COVID-19 workers.

Thank You to the Essential Workers Who Move Our Industry

If you see a truck driver or someone making deliveries, be sure to say thank you. We know that we’re incredibly grateful for all of their hard work and for putting themselves on the front lines during this uncertain time.

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