December 22, 2016 News

The Evolving Role of Shippers and Logistics Providers in 2017

Logistics providers will play an increasingly important role in 2017.

Logistics providers will play an increasingly important role in 2017.

Findings from the 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study suggest that rapid change is adding complexity to the roles of shippers and logistics providers. Researchers report that many 3PL service providers have evolved into collaborative partners that offer increased capabilities and take on greater accountability and control. As many as 91 percent of 3PL users reported positive results from their relationship this year, up from 88 percent in 2012.

Creating Value Throughout the Supply Chain

The 2017 study showed that partnerships between shippers and 3PL providers has contributed significantly to overall logistics cost reductions, improved customer service, and new and innovative ways to improve logistic effectiveness. Shippers are increasingly taking advantage of logistic provider’s expertise, especially for strategic and customer-facing activities.

Providing a Competitive Advantage

To accommodate the needs of shippers seeking a competitive advantage, 3PLs are increasingly playing an important role in the transformation of supply chains. This year’s survey showed that 73 percent of shippers indicated a need for 3PLs for processes related to supply chain transformation. Continuous improvement is a priority for shippers, along with innovative ideas to reduce costs, enhance service and improve management of complex supply chains.

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