August 24, 2016 Business Basics

The Value of Working With a Third-Party Logistics Provider

Working with the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider will streamline your business and make your warehousing, shipping transportation, and order fulfillment seamless and easier to manage. Whether you’re looking to save money or minimize headaches, bringing in the expertise of an experienced third-party logistics company can make it easier for you to focus on effectively running your business. There are many ways in which working with a 3PL company can benefit your supply chain logistics and in this week’s blog, learn more about why you might want to consider bringing in the expertise and industry knowledge of a third-party logistics provider.

third-party logistics

Working with a third-party logistics provider brings many benefits.

The benefits of third-party logistics

A reputable 3PL company like AFP Global Logistics will work closely with you to provide flexible solutions for an ever-changing environment in order to achieve your supply chain goals and make the most of your profit margin. By combining high-tech equipment with the knowledge of industry experts, advanced 3PLs can help you maximize the efficiency of your operations while streamlining your supply chain processes.

Advanced 3PL companies work with a variety of freight carriers, which means that they are able to recommend the best carrier for your needs. Because they do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, an experienced 3PL can often negotiate a lower cost and secure transportation services that will reliably adhere to your timeline and meet your required level of service.

In-house supply chain management can be complex, so working with a 3PL can allow you to better focus on the parts of your business that can’t be outsourced. Thanks to their negotiating power, a reputable 3PL will also be able to identify areas of cost-savings throughout every leg of your supply chain, maximizing your cost-efficiency and ensuring that your logistics are handled professionally.

AFP Global Logistics

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