December 27, 2016 International Shipping

Air Freight or Ocean Freight? Things to Consider

Air freight and ocean freight each have their own unique advantages.

Air freight and ocean freight each have their own unique logistics advantages.

Running a business often comes with many difficult choices. For businesses that engage in international shipping, choosing between air freight and ocean freight is one such choice. There are a number of factors you should consider to make sure you’re maximizing efficiency for your logistics operation.


There’s no doubt that air freight is usually the much faster shipping option, and as the saying goes, time is money. Sea shipments can take a month to arrive while air shipments might take a day or two. If you need time critical logistics solutions, shipping by air makes a lot more sense. That said, sea routes are always becoming faster and more efficient.


Reliability is something every good business needs. Although air freight has a much shorter history than ocean freight shipping, air freight still tends to win on reliability. When weather causes delays, airlines are usually on top of their schedules. Ocean carriers will usually see longer delays when they get off schedule. For many businesses, a schedule change of even a day or two can have a serious cost impact.


Every business keeps a budget and tries to minimize costs. Larger and heavier shipment are often much cheaper by ocean than by air. This margin gets smaller as shipments get smaller. That said, shippers should also consider customs and destinations fees. Warehousing fees at seaports are often more expensive than those at airports.

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