August 4, 2017 News

Why Should You Work With a Family-Owned Business?

Family-Owned Business

Trust is the foundation of any successful partnership, but especially for those in a family-owned business.

When it comes to working with other companies, there are many considerations you need to take. Of course, how a particular company can help you achieve your goals is quite important. There are other similarities and differences you’ll need to consider, but have you thought about the value of working with a family-owned business? There is something quite unique about family-owned businesses that make them ideal partners for your business.

AFP Global Logistics is proud to be family-owned and operated (in addition to being a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise). We stake our reputation on the great work we do for our logistics and expo customers on a daily basis. The culture that defines a family-owned business is one that we share in. Here are some reasons why your business should work with a family-owned business like us.

Natural Chemistry

A workplace environment is successful primarily because of the way employees relate to each other and how well they work together. Whenever you decide to work with another business, you’re saying, in essence, that you’re trusting this chemistry will be able to lead to the desired outcome – success for your company. With regular businesses, employees develop this chemistry over time. However, with a family-owned business like AFP Global Logistics, that chemistry has already developed and is strong. Moreover, non-family members in the firm feed off of this and become part of the family quickly. It leads to greater feelings of employee and client appreciation which you’ll notice straight away.


Family-owned businesses risk their reputations and family names on the results their business generates. When they make commitments to their clients, they live up to them and often exceed expectations. This dependability ensures that your needs are being met and you’re receiving the highest quality of service every step of the way.

A Strong Sense of Ethics

It can be hard to know whom to trust in the business world. How do you know whether the company you partner with is actually invested in your success or if they’re just looking to make a quick buck? However, it’s reasonable to assume that your best interests are being served when you work with a family-owned business. Why? Their brand is directly associated with the legacy of their family. Family legacy is not treated lightly and is a natural point of pride in cultures worldwide. Family-owned businesses are highly regarded for their dedication to tradition and build the values they hold dear within the overall company culture.

A Proud Family-Owned Business – AFP Global Logistics

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