January 28, 2016 Domestic Shipping

Why Less Than Truckload Shipping Might Be the Best Option for You

Few ground shipping options offer better value and more reliability than less than truckload shipping. For shipments that require a delivery date that you can count on at a cost-effective price point, less than truckload shipping is often the best choice. In today’s blog, learn more about the benefits of less than truckload shipping and why it just might be the best option for your business’s domestic shipping need.


Less than truckload shipping offers a variety of benefits.

Why Less Than Truckload Shipping Might Be the Best Option for You


Less than truckload (LTL) shipping offers the ability to trust your delivery schedule. Guaranteed delivery is available in most major metropolitan regions at a slightly increased cost, which is still significantly less than you would spend on a dedicated service provider. Although one and two day service is not guaranteed, it offers an excellent track record of on-time delivery at an affordable price.


At AFP Global Logistics, we ensure that your freight is tendered to a carrier that services your area directly in order to provide the highest quality service. We go above and beyond industry standards in order to ensure so that your shipment travels as efficiently as possible and our dedicated customer service department is always at the ready to answer your concerns.


LTL shipping offers an efficient and reliable mode of transport for any budget. Our TMS software allows us to find the best carrier for your freight in the service lane you are shipping to at the best possible price. Our commitment to efficiency combined with our cutting edge technology allows us to offer our clients a large cost savings without compromising on service.

AFP Global Logistics

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