Packaging Tips for Your LTL Shipment

Shipping partial loads can be a confusing process for anyone. Not only do you have to seek out rates from multiple carriers, which takes up your valuable time, but you also risk choosing a carrier that isn’t quite right for your shipment. Fortunately, if you’re a client of AFP Global Logistics, you’ve never experienced that frustration. You know that AFP’s number one goal is to save you money and get your shipment where it needs to be safely and on time. Our close relationship with multiple carriers gives us a working advantage and saves you time and money!

But what about when it comes time to package up that valuable shipment? You may not know that we also offer packaging services in order to help you avoid claims and damages that arise from issues during shipment. Read on to find out some easy packaging tips to keep your valuables safe and sound during the shipping process.


You may not know that AFP also offers packaging services in order to help you avoid claims and damages that arise from issues during shipment.

LTL Freight Packaging Tips

  • Which of my items are fragile or breakable?

These items will require extra padding or cushioning to ensure that they do not break if the box is shuffled around or accidentally dropped. Consider wrapping each individual item in bubble wrap or foam padding while additionally lining the insides of the box with padding for maximum protection.

  • When should I use pallets?

You should always use pallets when shipping multiple boxes or particularly heavy boxes. A durable pallet can make it much easier to move a shipment. Make sure your boxes are lined up neatly with no overhang, and try to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. It’s also good practice to label each box before it goes on the pallet so the carrier knows what they’re moving!

  • Should I use shrink wrap to wrap my pallet?

Yes, shrink wrapping each pallet is a great idea. In addition to cushioning material if you have a particularly fragile shipment, secure the boxes tightly to the pallet using shrink wrap. This absolutely ensures little to no movement so that the entire pallet and all its contents stay secure on the journey.

  • How should I tape and label my boxes?

Never use household scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, or any other kind of tape besides reinforced, durable tape at least two to three inches wide. And as stated before, clear labels will ensure that your box is handled properly and will get to its correct destination on time.

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