August 23, 2021 News

What is a 3PL Fulfillment Center and The Benefits of Working With One?

Wondering what a 3PL fulfillment center is and how a company can benefit from working with one? A third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment center is a business that manages everything related to your warehouse logistics, like inventory, storage, transportation, pick up and freight. 


Making the choice to use a 3PL fulfillment center can drastically ease the troublesome pressures of warehousing and distribution, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. All of AFP Global Logistics’ solutions are customized to fit the flow of our clients’ business. With our professional and reliable warehouse storage services, our clients get more than just space; they get a focused warehouse solution and decades of industry expertise that will streamline their supply chain.

Advantages of working with AFP Global Logistics as your companies 3PL:

  • Time and management

Using a 3PL to take responsibility for fulfillment, logistics, and shipping needs allows the company to focus on the brand’s upcoming projects, marketing assets, and so much more. 

A 3PL not only allows the company to focus on other parts of the business, but also takes away the need to set up warehouse management protocols. They can easily meet the businesses specific needs and enhance operational and financial performance.

Demand can increase in 24 hours and having to manage high and low seasons can be complicated. A 3PL can manage daily operations and increase efficiency quickly, without having to interrupt the company’s output. 

  • Inventory management and control (WMS)

At AFP Global Logistics, our warehouse management software (WMS) allows a business to manage their inventory and shipping activity right from their desktop and we can even create custom reporting to simplify all of accounting and reporting needs. This allows the company to easily make the best business decisions month after month. It also helps when planning for an upcoming busy season. 

  • Re packing and quality control

At AFP Global Logistics, we want to make the entire warehouse management process as simple as possible. As a company’s 3PL, we offer the ability to repack items, label them and even manage quality control. We would never want anything going out the door that wasn’t A+ quality.

Repacking products can take up a lot of time and allowing a 3PL to take that off the company’s hands is a great way to get back time that can be spent doing something else beneficial to the business. 

  • Pick and pack and shipping services

A 3PL can be a one-stop-shop for a company. Since the inventory is housed in a central warehouse, picking the item, packing it and then shipping to its final destination can all be controlled miles away from a company’s headquarters. At AFP Global Logistics, we get the product through the warehouse quickly so that the end customer can expect an on-time delivery. We can also handle returns and reverse logistics. 

  • Storage

In addition to saving time managing the warehouse, a business can also save money. They no longer need to invest in warehouse space, the technology implemented in the warehouse, employees to get the work done or the transportation to deliver goods. This also helps with scalability. A lot of businesses will see high and low periods throughout the year and 3PLs can help accommodate freight needs according to what type of selling season the company is in. Moving the company’s inventory and storing it at a 3PL warehouse is a great use of time, money and space.

All in all, a 3PL can easily increase the overall value to your customers. At AFP Global Logistics, we provide a range of shipping and logistics services tailored to your needs. We offer warehouse distribution services throughout the greater Washington DC metro area, including Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern VA that allow you to store your shipments in secure, climate-controlled structures. Need assistance, contact us today!