holiday logistics
August 13, 2021 News

Start Working Through Holiday Selling Logistics NOW!

While it may only be August and is still over 90 degrees outside, it is time to start thinking about business holiday logistics. The 2020 holiday season ended in complete disarray. Packages never left the warehouse, were lost, delayed or even stolen off of the customer’s front porch. With demand being higher than supply for the 2021 holiday season, more and more customers will be buying early for fear there will not be inventory come December. 

holiday logistics

At AFP Global Logistics, we specialize in everything a business needs to be successful this holiday selling season. Here are a few key holiday logistics pieces businesses should think about when preparing for the busiest time of the year: 


  • AFP Global Logistics provides assistance to retail outlets

Looking to have a pop up shop this holiday season? The time to get that started is now. Start thinking about where the shop will be, how it will be merchandised and when it will start. When creating the timeline, consider starting earlier than normal. More and more customers will want to shop as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the holidays to creep closer. They are afraid that because there is limited supply of items this season (due to factories being shut down, low demand last year, and other factors), many worry that there will not be gifts come the holidays. AFP Global Logistics can help with pop up shops, merchandising items and of course, getting the product out the door ASAP with time critical deliveries. 

  • Allow AFP Global Logistics to store and distribute your product

Instead of taking the time to hire and train seasonal workers who will be gone come January, look to AFP Global Logistics to store and distribute your product. Allowing AFP Global Logistics to handle the company’s warehouse storage and distribution, means the company can spend more time focused on marketing goals and practices. Using a 3PL fulfillment center takes the stress and pressure of warehouse management off the table. AFP Global Logistics can manage inventory numbers, pick and packing orders, returns and even seasonal overflow management. 

  • Set a schedule now

The holidays are a crazy time and an all-hands-on-deck approach is definitely necessary to get through the shipping season. Shipping carriers are expressing concern as the holidays get closer, so making sure the business has a plan in place for holiday logistics is crucial. While it is important to make sure the inventory is in stock, it is also important to make sure there are enough trucks coming in to pick up the deliveries. Work together now to set a schedule that allows deliveries to be picked up and delivered in a timely manner.


With the holidays comes colder weather. Take into account that poor weather could throw a wrench into the schedule. Add in time in the front-end to assure the delivery arrives on time

  • Be flexible

Everyone is working to understand this new normal and with that comes the advantage of being flexible. Be aware of shipping delays that might pop up. Understand that customers are purchasing earlier with the expectation they will get their product on time and that they will continue to do a lot of their shopping online instead of in person. Setting a schedule can be beneficial, but know that things can change in an instant. Concerned with what this holiday season will bring? Trust in AFP Global Logistics to get you through a successful selling season.

When it comes to choosing a retail logistic service provider, you can trust AFP Global Logistics will create a customized logistical solution that fulfills vendor components, completes fulfillment pick and pack, and ensures distribution to various store locations at the time-definite delivery date. contact Us today at 1-(800) 274-1237 for more information, or click here to visit us online.