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February 20, 2019 AFP Expo

How To Have a Successful Trade Show: Tips For Business Owners

Trade shows and expos require a lot of planning, and business owners want to ensure that every step of the process goes as smoothly as possible. From the first moment you establish plans to attend to the moment you set up your booth and materials, every step of the way needs to be organized and well thought out. This can be a challenging process, as it takes months of planning with multiple deadlines, and many items need to be shipped ahead of time. However, when you partner with AFP Expo Logistics, a Division of AFP Global Logistics dedicated to the trade show, expo, and events industries, you can ensure that all of your shipments will arrive on-time and damage free. To ensure you have a successful trade show, read on for some essential tips and information on the benefits of hiring an experienced trade show logistics company.

Double-Check Travel Plans

Planning is an essential aspect of attending trade shows and expos, and business owners should never leave anything until the last minute. When traveling out of town for a trade show, book your flight and hotel months in advance to avoid any issues, then double-check all travel plans leading up to the event. Give yourself peace of mind and verify your flight information, hotel, and other reservations to ensure everything is set and ready for your trip.

Small Details

To plan a successful trade show, it’s essential to know the importance of small details. Little details can get overlooked during the planning process since there is so much going on, so be sure to have a checklist of things you may forget. This may include something as simple as setting up an away message for voicemail and email before leaving for the trip, or planning a meeting with your staff to ensure everyone is on the same page and is prepared for the trade show. Holding a company meeting a few days before leaving allows your staff to ask questions and will cut down on any confusion or miscommunication.

Deadlines and Schedules

Another essential tip is to be aware of all deadlines as far in advance as possible, especially the registration deadline for the event. Business owners should also stick to a schedule of when to accomplish each task leading up to the trade show, starting with their plans to attend. It’s best to establish plans to attend a trade show about six months before the date, as it is necessary to have the time to organize everything early. Set your objective for the trade show and review results from last year, then set your budget based on the financial state of your business.

When the event is four months away, it’s time to plan the construction of your booth, as well as choosing the staffer who will attend the trade show. Keep in mind any deadlines that may be set for discounted rates and services to ensure you get the best deals. Also, this is the time to decide which promotions your company will run leading up to the trade show to generate sales leads.

When the trade show date is about two months away, order any promotional items and uniforms needed for your staff attending the expo. While two months may seem like a lot of time, it’s crucial to get these orders in early to avoid any complications. One month before your trade show can be a very busy and challenging month for some businesses- but if you’ve hired AFP Expo Logistics, we will take care of your shipments for you! All necessary exhibit items will be shipped early to the advanced warehouse, maximizing the time allocated for an efficient set-up of your booth that meets the basic guidelines set by trade show officials. AFP Expo also eliminates any risk of unnecessary expenses and additional wait time by providing logistical consulting and planning services that avoid unforeseen costs passed onto our customers. Hiring a comprehensive service like AFP Expo is the best way to have a successful trade show, as it allows you to focus all of your attention on the trade show and gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your shipping, set-up, and storage needs will be taken care of ahead of time.

AFP Expo Logistics

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