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The Perks of Using 3PLs for Small Business

Small Business Logistics

You’ve already got a lot on your mind when running your own small business. A 3PL can be a big help for your freight needs.

Small business owners have a wealth of problems to worry about on a daily basis. From managing your supply chain effectively to managing employees and making sure there’s no waste… it’s more than a full-time job! If your small business has to ship your goods domestically, it can be really confusing to determine the best course of action. You want to provide your customers the great service they expect while staying within your limited budget. 3rd party logistics providers, or 3PLs, such as AFP Global Logistics can help you achieve these goals so you can focus on growing your business. Why should you go with a 3PL to handle your small business shipments and how does it align with your company goals?

Their Experience is Unparalleled

3PLs specialize in freight shipping of all sizes, so they can determine the best way to move your freight at any point and how to handle any issue that may arise. Consider all of the problems that your freight shipment might encounter on its way from your warehouse to its final destination. 3PLs have dealt with all of those problems and more for years – they know exactly what to do so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Since 3PLs deal with a wide array of different shipments, they can draw upon their experience to analyze your shipments and choose the best option to fit your needs, as well as the needs of your customers.

You Save Money

It seems counterintuitive to work with a 3PL since they act as the liaison between the shipper and the carrier. Why not simply cut out the middleman and work directly with the carrier – shouldn’t that save my small business money? Actually, a 3PL deals with a significantly large volume of freight on a daily basis. 3PLs, therefore, have a leverage on LTL carriers when it comes to negotiating shipping rates that a small business acting on its own doesn’t have. When you decide to work with a 3PL like AFP Global Logistics, you give your small business access to the discounts they can negotiate with the carriers, saving your company money.

Retaining Control of Your Shipments

Many small business owners are also skeptical of handing control of their shipments to a 3PL. We recognize that knowing exactly where your shipments are at any given point is crucial to the success of your small business. However, the truth is that handing your shipment over to a 3PL actually grants you more control over your freight than contracting directly with the carrier. 3PLs dedicate a team of professionals to servicing your small business at a high level. You’ll get a complete list of carriers for your shipment along with transit times and other details and get updates every step of the way.

Ability to Scale as Needed

Some small businesses experience periods of up and downtime throughout the year. This effect is especially noticeable during this time of the year – many small businesses have suddenly found themselves a lot busier because of the holiday season! When you need to scale your freight needs according to the season, 3PLs are able to accommodate easily. In the same way, if your small business experiences sustained growth and is ready to expand operations to new markets, you can utilize your 3PL’s national infrastructure of distribution centers and warehouses to support your new growth and allow for a seamless transition to larger scale operations.

Continuous Improvement

3PLs are able to make consistent improvements in every link of the supply chain to ensure that you and your customers are getting the most out of the transportation process. By working with a 3PL, you can access to these improvements as well as a wide pool of other resources, such as new technological innovations that can eliminate inefficiencies and streamline your processes. The results speak for themselves in the form of satisfied small business owners and customers.

If you’re ready to take your small business’ shipping to the next level, contact the experts at AFP Global Logistics today!

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