December 14, 2018 Domestic Shipping

How New Technology Is Affecting Truck Drivers

Driver Detention

Learn how new technology is affecting truck drivers.

With so many advancements and developments in technology over the past few years, all industries are experiencing significant changes. For the trucking industry, new technology is making drivers’ lives much easier and safer. Self-driving trucks are the next revolution in the transportation industry, which will bring many benefits to the industry including the elimination of human error, reduced traffic jams by finding the quickest route, and a more efficient way of transporting cargo. In addition to self-driving trucks, new technology consists of electronic logging devices, GPS tracking, and voice command to help truck drivers complete jobs practically and cost-effectively. Read on to learn more about new technology and the significant effect it will have on truck drivers.

Electronic Logging Devices

A mandate recently went into effect that requires every truck driver to have an Electronic Logging Device, or ELD, placed inside their cab to record driving hours. An ELD enables truckers to track their Hours of Service (HOS) compliance. The electronic solution connects to the truck’s engine to record when the truck is in motion. Drivers can also log in to the ELD and easily log in and select “on-duty,” “off-duty,” or “on-duty not driving,” and quickly see their recorded driving hours in a day.

ELDs have a wide price range, but the average cost of the most popular device is $495 per truck. While this is not cheap, it is important to look at the cost savings an ELD brings. The economic benefits that come from paperwork reductions show that the long-term savings of ELDs are worth the high price tag. The FMCSA calculated that truck drivers save over $700 per year in just paperwork savings alone. But ELDs save more than that- they save truckers a significant amount of time. Between completing paperwork and filing documents to carriers, truckers can waste over 20 hours of drive time a year, resulting in approximately $2,000 in lost revenue each year. ELDs make up for this time and money loss to help truckers use their time as efficiently as possible.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has been beneficial for not only truckers, but also for everyone on the road. With the use of new GPS apps, drivers can quickly see where traffic is heavy, and alternative routes to get to their destination faster. Some apps even let drivers know when there is a car stopped on the shoulder, if there are any items in the middle of the road to be aware of, and when a police car is on the side of the highway. GPS apps specifically for truckers allow drivers to input additional information to show routes only within their bridge weight or where to get the best price on diesel. A small amount of information makes a huge difference in the trucking industry, and GPS tracking helps truckers get to their destination faster while saving money along the way. GPS tracking has also changed customers’ lives, as they can now track packages every step of the way in their shipment process and have a better idea of when their order will arrive.

Voice Command

While technology has brought many benefits to the world, it has also brought many distractions. Distracted driving with the use of cell phones is a huge problem today, as texting while driving has resulted in countless accidents and fatalities. Truck drivers have the responsibility to drive as safely as possible every day, not only because they are working, but because of the danger they present to other vehicles on the road. The size and weight of a truck make them a threat to all drivers on the road, and one mistake could result in a terrible situation. This is why voice command is a genius invention, as truckers can access their phones without taking their eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. It’s very unlikely that drivers will not use their phone at all while driving, as everyone using their phones for music, podcasts, or as a GPS. However, voice command allows drivers to use their phones safely while remaining focused on the road and getting to their destination safely.

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