Air Freight Plus
January 24, 2022 News

How Air Freight Plus Can Help Your Company’s Logistics

Air freight plus is a quick and flexible option compared to ocean freight. Connect with the right logistics company for a positive outcome. Your parcels can ship and transfer as seamlessly as possible. Whether you are shipping internationally or within the United States, AFP Global Logistics can help.

Air Freight Plus

Cut Down on Air Freight Charges 

Air freight charges can add up quickly, so it is important to find ways to reduce those costs. AFP will work with you directly on what works best for your business. Some other ways that may lower costs are:


  1. Ship more products less frequently
  2. Assess the amount of packaging in use
  3. Ship on off-peak days 
  4. Outsource when necessary
  5. Focus on reliability over the cheapest option


Choose the Best Air Freight Tracking

Customers want to know exactly when their package will arrive and where it is at in the process. Choose air freight that gives accurate information. This results in fewer inquiries from customers on your business’s end. Tracking is a great tool when the customer is a business or an individual consumer. A quality tracking process is important in the buyer’s overall journey.


Air Shipping Knowledge

AFP has years of experience with the dos and don’ts of shipping. A good best practice is to check with the air freight company you are working with just in case. If there are items you are unsure of, be sure to ask before choosing to work with them. Some common products that cannot ship through air freight include:


  1. Flammable products
  2. Aerosol cans
  3. Dry ice
  4. Fireworks
  5. Medical waste


How to Find Air Freight Companies

Look for a company that fits your values and mission. Excellent customer service and timely communication are other qualities to look out for. Ask around to other business owners that are willing to discuss with you. Listen to what air freight companies they have worked with. Recommendations are one of the best ways to gauge if you want to use the company for your shipments. 


Is Air Freight the Right Option for Your Industry?

First, evaluate your needs as a business. There are opportunities for air shipping in many industries. 


AFP Global Logistics is fortunate to work with clients in a variety of industries. A few of these industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Government
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Sign
  • Technology


AFP Global Logistics in Baltimore

Located in Maryland, AFP Global Logistics ships to businesses around the globe. For over 30 years, AFP has been a premier logistics company. When it comes to timeliness and reliability, no job is too big or small for us to handle. 


A few of the many services we offer include:


  • Expo logistics
  • Corporate event logistics
  • Retail logistics
  • International logistics
  • Ground logistics


Contact us today to get your air freight done right. Call us directly at (800) 274-1237 or email us at for a quote.