Trade Show Logistics
October 22, 2021 News

What Do Trade Show Logistics Companies Do?

Are you looking for a trade show logistics company to help make your next event a success? Trade show logistics companies are responsible for transporting, storing, and installing trade show exhibits. These types of service providers have been in business since the 1960s when they first emerged as an alternative to traditional trade show organizers. Let’s explore what these companies do and how their services can benefit your organization.


Why Do Trade Show Organizers Need a Logistics Company?


Before logistics companies became popular, general event planners contracted with individual exhibitors to transport and install their exhibits. This led to various problems, including increased costs for the organizers, lengthy delays, and poor experiences for attendees.

Businesses now realize logistics as a critical component in making these events efficient and hassle-free for everyone.


Time Is Money


When organizers plan trade show events, their biggest fear is that exhibit materials won’t arrive on time. While it’s tempting for show organizers to take things into their own hands, they have enough to worry about. Outsourcing to a reputable logistics company will minimize worries. For instance, the best logistics companies can offer same-day air freight services.


What Do Trade Show Logistics Companies Do?


The responsibilities of trade show logistics companies include:


  • Providing transportation for trade show exhibits, equipment, and other materials to the site: The best trade show logistics companies ensure that everything arrives on time and damage-free.

  • Providing a warehouse for storing everything safely until unloading: This allows exhibitors to load in at their convenience, not wait for the show organizers.

  • Designing a plan with exhibitors that allows them to load in as quickly as possible on these dates: On average, it takes two hours from start to finish for an experienced team of trade show shippers.

  • Installing trade show exhibits according to plan without any damage or changes required by your organization’s floor layout: This eliminates additional costs and time spent on rework that comes with these types of installations.


Who Can I Call to Help Me with My Next Trade Show?


For over 30 years, AFP Global Logistics has been one of the premier logistics companies in the country. In fact, over 50% of our total business has come from the trade show industry. When it comes to timeliness and reliability, no job is too big or small for us to handle.


In addition to trade show logistics, we also offer:



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