Why Is The Last Mile Important
April 1, 2021 Domestic Shipping

Why Is The Last Mile Important?


The last mile has always been important, but with shipping strategies and increasing speed, that last mile better come sooner than later. 

Why Is The Last Mile Important


Before the Internet, next-day delivery options, and even telecommunications, the term “last mile” was used to describe the connection between a mainline and a business or residence. Although the term means something different to the logistics industry in today’s world, it is still very relevant. 


So, why is the last mile important? AFP Global Logistics has the information you need. 


What Is The Last Mile In Shipping?


An essential part of the package delivery process is the final destination. With this said, the last mile in shipping refers to the final stretch between a warehouse and a package’s final destination. 


Why Is The Last Mile Important?


In the past, goods and products would go from the production line or factory and then to a store. Nowadays, stores are going away, and the process is becoming strictly about the transportation of goods from the factory to a shipping warehouse or straight to the customer. 


The goal is to complete this process as quickly and accurately as possible. Consumers worldwide know that they can get almost anything they want delivered right to their doors as soon as possible. To keep customers happy, delivery times must be up to standard, and drivers must complete the last mile promptly. 


The last mile is also vital because it is the last opportunity the delivery driver has to do a great job. This is their chance to deliver the correct package to the correct address very quickly. With this said, the last mile is probably the most crucial part of the shipping process. 


While fast delivery is a great luxury to offer your customers, it is not always provided. 


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