January 25, 2017 International Shipping

The Value of Ocean Freight in Global Logistics

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean freight is a valuable, cost-effective service for businesses big and small!

If a business desires to pursue markets beyond the domestic level, it can be difficult to keep shipping costs to a manageable level. Global markets involve shipping products to far-flung destinations, so you need a reliable, cost-effective shipping method that still boasts the reliability of your domestic logistics. If your logistics needs are not time-critical and you plan accordingly, ocean freight could be a great solution for your international shipping needs. Ocean freight puts worldwide capacity and reliable shipping times into the hands of businesses of all sizes. Why is ocean freight so valuable? Read on to learn more.

Ocean Freight vs. Air Freight

Getting your shipment abroad requires one of two methods – ocean or air freight. If your shipment requires an exact timeframe, air freight is going to be the method of choice. But choosing air for all of your shipments is a luxury few companies can afford. That’s why ocean freight is a standard component for businesses shipping internationally. It costs less than air freight and takes longer to arrive, but it does the job if you plan accordingly.

Right for Businesses of All Sizes

When partnering with the right logistics provider, ocean freight can be a great international shipping method for businesses large and small. AFP Global Logistics offers technology which is able to give you custom data reporting. This gives small businesses the same level of analytics that large businesses have with their own in-house systems. And we are able to provide assistance with planning your shipments according to your desired arrival date. AFP Global Logistics can help your business with every aspect of the ocean freight process, from exporting and importing to customs and warehousing.

AFP Global Logistics

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