March 9, 2017 AFP Expo, Trade Shows

Understanding Your Trade Show Marketing Goals

Marketing Needs

Trade shows are all about marketing your company and products – do you understand your goals?

Trade show planning requires a lot of time and effort. Your shipping needs are an important part of the planning process and an experienced logistics provider like AFP Expo Logistics can work with you to make this part smooth. But as you’re considering your trade show planning, take the time to brainstorm and understand your marketing goals. After all, the purpose of a trade show is to introduce your brand and products to a new audience! Coordinating a marketing strategy is another key component towards making your trade show a success. Here are three key areas to focus your marketing goals.

Brand Awareness

The awareness and perception of your brand will be a key element in determining trade show success. A big piece in building this brand awareness is in the construction of an effectively branded booth which can show off your credentials and your capabilities. You might choose to focus on showing off new products, reaching new segments of the market, or demonstrate how your company differs from the competition. Pick a path and focus your marketing efforts on achieving it.

Floor Activity

Increasing traffic to your booth is the goal of your floor activity. There is a lot of latitude in how you can do this, from having managers give keynote addresses or participate in conference panels to giving out free samples or providing product demonstrations. And don’t forget to utilize the power of your social media channels to fuel engagement.

Measurements to Take

Counting the number of visitors to your booth is a great measurement to take when evaluating the marketing success of your trade show. Keep a count year-to-year as a baseline to further refine your marketing message. You can also use surveys of your visitors as a great way to measure the success of your marketing goals.

Where an Experienced Logistics Provider Can Help

A company experienced in providing great logistics solutions for your trade show shipping needs is a great asset in helping you reach your marketing goals. AFP Expo Logistics understands that great marketing can make your trade show a success for your business. We can deliver your branded booth, demo products, and other marketing material on time so you can get to work promoting your business!

AFP Expo Logistics

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