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September 17, 2019 News

4 Reasons Truck Drivers Move Our Industry

Every September, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) spearheads an effort to recognize and thank America’s truck drivers. They organized National Truck Driver Appreciation Week “to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.”

Here at AFP Global Logistics, we know first-hand how important truck drivers are. Truck drivers are a vital part of the entire global logistics and transportation industry network. Here are 4 reasons truck drivers move our industry, and why we appreciate the hard work they do. 

Trucks make up a large part of the logistics industry. 

Logistics and transportation includes moving goods by air, rail, ship, and road. However, according to the ATA,  trucks and truck drivers deliver over 70% of the country’s total freight tonnage. “Truck drivers play a critical role in the nation’s economy and deserve the recognition that this week brings,” adds ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.

80% of communities rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver their goods, which can be last-mile delivery in cities or truckload deliveries in rural areas. The trucking industry is currently valued at $700 billion annually. At AFP, we offer truck brokerage, truckload (FTL), less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbed, and lowboy services. 

Trucking make up a large part of the logistics workforce. 

Currently, the United States has 3.5 million professional truck drivers working across the country. These truck drivers work to deliver goods across the country or just across a city. The trucking industry also supports 7.7 million jobs total. These jobs include not just the drivers, but the people behind the scenes.

Dispatchers coordinate between drivers or vehicles and shippers. Administrators and engineers make sure that shipments arrive on time and in the most effective way possible. The ATA estimates that one in every 15 people is employed in the trucking industry. 

Trucks and truck drivers are an important part of the community. 

Truck drivers don’t just deliver the goods that we want, they deliver the goods that we need. After natural disasters, trucks bring in food, relief supplies, and construction materials while hauling away debris.

According to Trucking Moves America Forward, “Following Hurricane Sandy, as many as 32 food trucks were dispatched on any given day, serving over 500 meals apiece to storm victims in an area that was without access to food or restaurants.” From flooding to tornadoes to the Flint water crisis, truck drivers have delivered the goods that make a recovery possible. 

Trucks are critical to our transportation services. 

Even though AFP Global Logistics is a full-service logistics and transportation company, many of our services can be multi-modal. Our transportation services are customized to meet the needs of our clients.

With corporate and event logistics, for example, our clients may need air transportation to get materials to the convention center city, but ultimately, a truck brings the expo materials from the airport to the site.

AFP oversees all event shipping, storage, deliveries, and handling requirements, including working with truck drivers to ensure an on-time delivery. Truck drivers are also essential to our other services like retail logistics, freight forwarding services, and even warehouse storage and distribution. 

Around the country, companies are celebrating truck drivers this week and acknowledging the hard and sometimes dangerous work they do. If you see a truck driver this week (or any week), thank them for their hard work. 

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