April 10, 2015 News, Shipping Methods

The Internet of Things: Cybersecurity and Your Shipments

What are people really talking about when they talk about the “Internet of things?” Essentially, that term is used to refer to the way technology has expanded to encompass much of our everyday lives, to say nothing of the way it has come to affect the way we do business. Most analysts agree that it will only take another five years or so before 50 billion different devices are connected in some way to the Internet. And among those devices connected to the Internet will be the systems and tools used to manage your shipments successfully. Because so much of logistics today is tied together with technology, it is important to understand how your logistics company will preserve your items’ safety through cybersecurity. Read on to find out more!

 How Does My Logistics Company Protect My Shipment Electronically?cybersecurity

 One of the benefits of shipping- both domestically and internationally- in today’s world is that technology can be used to keep your shipments safe and secure from damage, theft, or getting lost. Tracking a shipment is essential; it allows your logistics company, and by extension you, to see how your shipment is progressing in real time. Whether you have selected to ship your packages overnight, economy, or any speed in between, electronic tracking will help you ensure that it is on the right path throughout.

Cybersecurity is an important component of electronic tracking. While ostensibly there are those people out there with the capacity to hack into a network and redirect or steal a shipment, the cybersecurity measures put in place by your logistics company will keep it safe. This greatly reduces risk and gives you complete peace of mind as your company pursues its shipping needs.

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