May 19, 2016 Shipping Methods

The Benefits of Using a 3PL Instead of Directly With a Carrier

When it comes to managing your business’s shipping needs, the logistics get complicated. From choosing the best carrier to ensuring that your goods are packaged properly, there are many things that can go wrong along the way. To minimize the chance of a wrench being thrown in your plans and to maximize the efficiency of your logistics, using a 3PL company who can manage the logistics of your carrier offers many benefits for not only your business but your customers as well. Learn more about why you should work with a 3PL company instead of working directly with a carrier in today’s blog, below.


Make your life easy by working with a 3PL.

A 3PL company will choose the right carrier for your needs

At AFP Global Logistics, we have relationships with a vast number of different carriers which helps us ensure that we can choose the right carrier for the needs of your specific shipment. We know which carriers do best with which routes and we can use our extensive knowledge of the 3PL landscape to ensure that we work with the best carrier for your needs. That means that your shipment will make it to its final destination efficiently and affordably, with no hassles or headaches.

Customer service that goes above and beyond

By working with a 3PL company such as AFP Global Solutions, your needs will be front and center. Your shipping logistics are as unique as your company, and we will ensure that your logistics solution is tailored to your specific needs. We are able to meet the needs of any client and we won’t be happy until you are happy.

Shipments are efficient and affordable

Though it may seem like it would be less expensive to work directly with a carrier, this is often not the case. Thanks to our extensive network of relationships with trucking companies who provide us with competitive buy rates, we are able to provide solutions that not only save you time, but money as well.

AFP Global Logistics

For a customized logistics handling experience that truly understands 3rd party logistics, AFP Global Logistics is the best and only choice! We provide a full range of shipping services, and our 25 years in the business have given us the tools we need to tailor our logistic solutions to each and every individual customer. For more information or to start designing your own logistic solutions today, get in touch with AFP at 410.590.1234 (toll-free 800.274.1237), email us at, or fill out our quick and easy contact form here!

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