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January 2, 2020 Shipping Methods

Retail Logistics: The Benefits of a Central Distribution Center

Logistics are a very important part of the retail industry because merchandise is likely being shipped from an external location. Some retail businesses choose to gather their products from several different locations, which can really complicate logistics. It’s not always an easy task to get merchandise shipped from several different distribution centers to your place of business. Here are the benefits of having a central distribution center for your retail business!


One of the best advantages of having a central distribution center is having access to all of your merchandise from one central location. This eliminates the hassle of having to keep track of where all of your products are. A central distribution center helps keep your retail logistics more organized knowing all of your merchandise is in one place.

Transportation Efficiency

Having one central distribution center makes shipping your merchandise a lot easier. While using one central location may require some items to travel further, it’s worth it when your products are all organized and in one place.

Having your merchandise spread out over multiple locations increases the possibilities of delayed shipping on certain products that are located further than others Multiple distribution centers also means multiple shipping routes, which further complicates your retail logistics.

Reduced Costs

In the long run, you will save a lot of money on your retail logistics with a central distribution center. Of course, there will be some increased short term costs, such as transportation if your central distribution center is further from transportation centers.

However, the overall costs of managing multiple distribution centers is higher than just managing one. Your overall retail logistics will be simplified as well as a result.


In the retail industry, it’s important to know exactly what you do and don’t have in stock. This keeps your business up to date and improves guest satisfaction because there will never be confusion about an item in stock. Keeping reports on stock is a lot simpler when there’s one central distribution center rather than several.

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