November 4, 2015 Shipping Methods

How to Package Your Product to Ensure it Travels Safely

When shipping products, whether domestically or internationally, proper labeling and packaging are of paramount importance to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination safely and securely. From the type of packaging materials used to the way that you label your shipment, there are steps that you can take to protect your delivery from damage and theft before it even leaves your hands. Learn more about what you can do to ensure your package safely reaches its final destination in today’s blog.


Properly packing and labeling your package will help prevent damage and theft.

How to Package Your Product to Ensure it Travels Safely

Before your package leaves your hands to go out for delivery, there are two steps you should always take to help ensure that it makes it to its intended destination:

Package securely

If your goods will be going on a truck or will ship on a pallet then the manufacturer’s packing with ample stretch wrapping should suffice. However, if the product or pallet needs to be broken down for air freight shipping or any other type of service which requires additional handling then over-packing should be done. It is important to design your packing for both the contents as well as the means of transport in order to ensure that it will reach its destination with no damage sustained to the contents.

Deter theft

Another major concern when shipping products and goods is the deterrence of opportunistic thieves. In order to discourage theft and pilfering, packaging should be designed to obscure the contents. An outsider should never be able to identify the content of your package so cartons and labels should be over-packed with a plain carton or black stretch-wrap. Non-descript markings will go a long way in prevent thieves from taking interest in your package in the first place, thus deterring the likelihood of theft.


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