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How to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Memorable

With all of the time and money your company invests in its trade show appearances, you are going to want to guarantee you get as much out of these shows as possible. Trade shows are an excellent venue for networking and creating potential client contacts, and with a little effort, you can ensure your exhibit makes a memorable impact on visitors. Read on to find out how!

Creating An Unforgettable Trade Show Exhibittrade-show-exhibit

1.)    Show up and set up! This may seem like it goes without saying, but there are those companies who fail to deliver a memorable trade show exhibit simply because they were unable to get the logistics in order.  A logistics company with the resources and skills to get your supplies to the trade show site on time will be an instrumental part of your company’s trade show success.

2.)    Be an attention-grabber. You’re at a trade show to get your company noticed, so get it noticed! An exhibit that catches the eye will draw more potential clients, customers, and partners over to you. Don’t be afraid of color, interesting displays, and even multimedia!

3.)    Be a social butterfly. While nothing will replace the classic “trading business cards” approach to doing business, other forms of contact information are becoming increasingly important. Make sure to include addresses for your social media accounts on business cards or flyers for exhibit visitors to take away with them; chances are they will be more likely to remember you if your company name pops up on their newsfeed.

4.)    Get people involved. A memorable trade show exhibit will provide visitors with more than just things to look at; it will provide them with things to do. Try utilizing an interactive display featuring a game or contest—watch how quickly word-of-mouth spreads!

To plan for your next trade show exhibit, get in touch with AFP Expo today. We can provide you with the logistics solutions that are essential to creating a memorable trade show experience!

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