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April 18, 2022 Business Basics

How to Be Eco-Friendly in the Logistics Industry

Earth Day is a great reminder to all businesses to reassess how they approach anything that could affect nature. Some businesses prefer to donate money to organizations that have eco-conscious efforts. Others prefer to look at the products they use. It is important to look at the logistics process and make sure you are choosing what is best for the environment. Learn how to be eco-friendly in the logistics industry below.

Green Logistics Industry Trends

  1. Some retailers offer customers the opportunity for a green delivery option. With this option, they can pick up their order at a dropbox location. They can even go in-store instead of having it shipped to their house. 
  2. Companies have started purchasing hybrid vehicles to replace gas-powered trucks and cars.
  3. Many businesses are using automated systems to optimize their delivery routes. This cuts down fuel costs and their impact on the environment. 
  4. Nationwide companies are building more repair centers for their vehicles. That way if something goes wrong, it can get fixed instead of sitting around and collecting dust. This makes the business model much more sustainable. 

Roadblocks in the Logistics Industry

We acknowledge that there are some implications while working towards being green. Some of these barriers include:

  • The need for fossil fuels: It’s no secret that during the logistics process, transportation happens whether it is by truck, car, or plane. There is no workaround for this, but there are ways to minimize the amounts you use. For example, if you are putting on a trade show, think about what goes into the expo logistics and how you can cut down on shipments. Be sure to order everything at once from fewer locations whenever possible. Try to order products locally or closer to the expo so they aren’t being shipped from all over the world. 
  • Customers want quick shipments: With the obvious popularity of Amazon Prime, consumers hope for quick shipping times. This often results in shipments coming in separate packages. A great way to be environmentally friendly is by offering customers the option to select only one shipment to reduce the fuels being used to ship it.
  • Lack of investment funds: Sometimes growing businesses don’t have enough money to invest. Major aspects that affect green logistics include process automation or more efficient handling equipment. Once funds are available to improve this part of the process, shipping can run smoother and more efficiently. This saves your company time and money while saving the environment’s fossil fuels. An improvement in this process can also reduce the amount of waste your company produces. 

We understand the roadblocks of the logistics industry, but there are tremendous benefits for both your business and the environment.

Be Eco-Friendly with AFP Logistics

With rising costs of supplies, being eco-friendly can be great for your business model. Do you want your business to become more sustainable and green? Contact us today to get your logistics done right. We will work with you to focus on eco-friendly efforts. Call us directly at (800) 274-1237 or contact us online for a quote.