December 16, 2015 Domestic Shipping

Customized Domestic Shipping Options Can Meet Any Shipment Needs

Your shipping needs are as unique as your business. At AFP Global, we realize the importance of offering a range of services that are tailored to your specific needs. We offer a variety of domestic shipping options designed to meet those needs, so whether you have time-sensitive products that require guaranteed overnight shipping or a limited budget where time isn’t a factor, we can create the right domestic shipping solution for you. Learn more about the types of domestic shipping solutions we offer in today’s blog.


Domestic shipping can be customized to meet any needs.

Customized Domestic Shipping Options Can Meet Any Shipment Needs

For time-sensitive shipments

If you have a shipment that requires expediency above all else, we offer guaranteed overnight and next day delivery. Even if your shipment falls on a holiday weekend, we can ensure that your product makes it where it’s supposed to be on time. You can even keep tabs on the location of your package with our online tracking option. If your time-sensitive shipment needs to travel a long distance, we also offer charter services via 747 or learjet to ensure prompt delivery in critical situations.

For budget-conscious shippers

If time is not important but cost is, we offer economical 2 and 3 day shipping options with door-to-door service. Our FTL and LTL options are also suitable for freight that is not on a strict time schedule but needs reliable and consistent service and pricing.

For high-risk shipments

If you are shipping high-risk materials or goods, our direct drive program ensures that one of our vetted drivers will be in the presence of your shipment at all times. This expedited method will get your goods to their final destination quickly and prevent loss.

Customization provides the most effective solution

At AFP Global Logistics, we can customize any of our shipping methods to meet your specific needs and situation. We can tailor our services to ensure that your budget and time-frame are honored and that your shipment makes it where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

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