women presenting in a virtual trade show
August 7, 2020 Trade Shows

4 Tips to Make Your Virtual Trade Show Valuable

With COVID-19 spiking back up again, in-person trade shows and events will not be happening for a while. As we mentioned in May, several companies are choosing to inform people of their businesses via virtual trade shows, instead of canceling altogether.

Virtual trade shows have grown exponentially in popularity, but when a person is not standing face-to-face with you, it can be hard to keep their attention. Here are four tips for making your virtual trade show valuable.

Stand Out From the Crowd

During a virtual trade show, people can virtually walk around a 3D space that resembles a convention center or a place where a physical trade show would be held. But with so many booth options, it can be easy for a business to be overlooked.

Consider creating a 3D booth that incorporates interesting designs, colors, videos, and more. If you take a look around your virtual trade show and see a common theme amongst booths, try to do something different. A person’s first impression of your booth is everything, and the first step is getting your booth to catch their eye.

Promote Engagement

It’s possible that a person will visit several booths at a virtual trade show without even learning about the companies. This is why adding tools to your virtual booth such as chat forums and one-on-one video calls can be beneficial.

Taking the time to speak with customers and answer their questions will help keep them engaged, and will also allow you to create a personal relationship with them. Creating a place where people in your industry can network is beneficial for all, and can be very appealing to a potential booth visitor.

Give a Presentation

Instead of waiting for potential customers and business partners to approach you, invite them to a presentation. Not only will this allow you to share important information about your company, but it also guarantees that they’ll visit your booth at least once. Also, be sure to record the presentation and upload it to your virtual booth so that it can be accessed at any time. You don’t want someone to miss out just because they couldn’t attend the live event.

Follow-Up with Guests

After the virtual trade show is over, send a follow-up email to all of the guests that stopped by your booth, and viewed your presentation. A simple “thank you for showing interest” message will show that you value their time and appreciate them taking the time to listen to what you had to say. Also, they’re most likely interested in what you have to offer, so make sure to keep in contact.

While we predict that in-person trade shows will eventually make a comeback, until then, going virtual is a great alternative. In the meantime, if you have trade show booth materials that you need safely stored, AFP Global Logistics can help. Contact us today at 1 (800) 274-1237 for more information.