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January 14, 2020 Trade Shows

The 3 Secrets to Planning a Corporate Event

Corporate events run the gamut from internal holiday parties all the way to multi-billion dollar product launches. Regardless of the event, though, there are a few goals that remain the same across the board: to leave guests with a strong positive impression and to have as few glitches as possible along the way. Planning a corporate event may seem like a stressful task, but by sticking to a few simple principles, you can ensure a successful event.

The three tips below may not cover the whole spectrum for event planning, but if you’re able to use them as pillars, they’ll make the process much smoother. 

Choose Your Location Carefully

Location, location, location. It really does matter, especially when you’re planning an event that requires people to travel. There are a few different considerations to take into account when you’re choosing a location.

First, how far are people willing to travel for your event? If it’s a small event that’s only going to last a day, your audience likely isn’t going to want to travel more than a couple of hours. Try to keep everything centrally-located and easy to access for the best turn out.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a large-scale event that you know will attract people from around the country or even globally, you’ll want to be much more strategic with your location. Choose a city and venue that’s meaningful to your business.

For example, if you’re a large tech company that isn’t based in SIlicon Valley, this is the ideal time to take a trip there and plan your corporate event in a central hub for your industry. You’re likely to attract a more focused, larger crowd, including industry locals that won’t have to travel for the event.

Venue is also crucial. Not only is the venue important for your guests, an easy-to-access venue will make it easier to handle any equipment or shipments you’ll need. Simplifying the process for yourself can take some of the stress out of planning a corporate event.

In short – make sure that you do your research to choose the venue and geographic location that makes the most sense for your audience and event type.

Promote the Event Early and Often

It doesn’t matter how well-planned your event is if nobody knows about it. The beauty of today’s technology is the ability to deliver information quickly and often in multiple mediums.

Take your audience into account when you’re considering how to begin promoting your event. Then ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Do they prefer direct mail or email? 
  • Do they spend a lot of time online? 
  • Are you looking to reach a wider audience or one that you already have access to?

These questions can help inform which mediums you choose to distribute invites and get people excited for your event. For an audience that is tech savvy, you may want to consider drawing up an advertising budget for social media sites and other ad platforms.

It’s also important to remind people that the event is coming up. This applies to those who have already registered as well as prospects who still haven’t purchased tickets or committed to the event yet. One email or direct mailing generally isn’t enough to get people on board.

In fact, according to HubSpot, the average number of touchpoints to sell someone is eight. These can be mixed mediums and eight might not be your magic number, but the takeaway is that it’s important to touch base more than once to ensure good attendance.

Plan and Organize Strategically

Taking the time to execute the nitty gritty details can make all the difference when you’re planning a corporate event. Yes, the big picture matters, but it’s important to remember that even small things can influence a guest’s perception of your event.

Run through various scenarios in your head and have contingency plans ready to go for potential disruptors like inclement weather or absence of a main presenter. Keep everything as organized as possible and make sure that someone else also has access to important vendor contact information. You can’t control everything but you can prepare for most things.

One of the best strategies for taking stress off of yourself when planning a corporate event is working with reputable vendors and logistics companies. You want to vet them and ensure that they’re going to deliver on all of their promises.

The little details and logistics planning of an event can get complicated and cause anxiety, especially when it feels like there are dozens of issues to focus on. A logistics company can help you handle the finer points and make sure that your entire event runs smoothly.

How AFP Global Logistics Can Help

AFP Global Logistics is a full-service logistics provider. Our primary goal is to deliver superior customer service and customized logistics plans for your corporate event. With nearly 30 years’ experience in the logistics industry, we have the skills and knowledge to help you deliver a nearly seamless event. If you have more questions about planning a corporate event and how we can help, contact us here or give us a call at 1 (800) 274-1237.