June 23, 2017 Shipping Methods

3 Reasons Less Than Truckload Shipping Makes Business Sense

Less Than Truckload Shipping

Less than truckload shipping is an important logistical component for companies in many different industries.

Less than truckload shipping is an important component of a comprehensive logistics plan. When you need to move product, but don’t have enough freight to fill an entire truck, less than truckload shipping is an economical, sound business solution. There are a few reasons why you should choose less than truckload for your next shipment – here are three of them.

1. Economical

The concept of less than truckload shipping is similar to that of commuter ride-sharing services. These services allow for people to share the cost of a drive to a particular destination. Less than truckload shipping operates under the same principle – when companies don’t have enough freight to fill a truck, they can, in essence, share the cost of the truck with other companies who can’t fill a truck. This makes less than truckload shipping one of the most economical logistics options available.

2. Keeping Control

Full truckload shipping gives you the greatest amount of control, but many companies don’t have the volume necessary to make this a viable option. In addition, organizing multiple-stop truckloads on your own can be incredibly challenging to coordinate – not to mention it can cost your company a bundle. Less than truckload shipping allows you a greater level of control when you have a consistent level of small shipments that need to go out on a regular basis. So if an urgent situation comes up, you’ll be able to address it immediately.

3. Flexible

If your company has a wide geographical reach, less than truckload shipping provides the flexibility you need to get your products where they need to go, when they need to get there.

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