May 29, 2019 International Shipping

4 Trends in the Air Cargo Industry

Every two years, the Air Cargo Europe exhibition and conference brings the world’s leading trade fair for air cargo and logistics to the convention center in Munich, Germany.Air Cargo

This year’s conference, from June 4 to 7, will include hundreds of exhibitors from countries across the world, thousands of square feet of exhibition space, and tens of thousands of visitors. The conference focuses on air cargo and air transportation logistics.

As with any transportation logistics in the 21st century, the industry event also focuses on mobility, information technology, and supply chain management, and how those elements work together with logistics. In advance of the conference, here are 4 trends to look for in the air cargo industry.

Increased Technology and Automation

Automation and technology are already vital to our global logistics industry. At AFP Global Logistics, we track all of our shipments, update our clients with progress, and ensure a seamless delivery of all of our products.

We couldn’t do that without a transportation management system and RFID technologies to track not only the shipments, but the vehicles carrying those shipments. As technology advances and new technologies become available, they will further help us in delivering shipments faster and more securely.

For example, blockchain, the code originally created for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, can also be used to track shipments. According to DC Velocity magazine, “block-chain creates a permanent and incorruptible record that tracks physical movement of a shipment and can aid the investigation into who is to blame for damages incurred along the way.”

As large companies use blockchain in air cargo logistics, the industry will shift towards these methods of secure transportation data.

E-Commerce and the Growth of Air Hubs

You don’t have to be in the logistics industry to know that e-commerce is everywhere. Over 2 billion people are expected to buy goods online in 2021. Many of these products are not manufactured in the country where the person is buying it, so they have to be shipped.

At AFP, our retail logistics services offer retailers value-added transportation, fulfillment, and warehousing services. Because consumers want their online purchases in a matter of days instead of weeks, many companies look to air freight for faster travel times.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global air freight volume went up by 9.1% in 2017, at a higher rate than the historical average. As e-commerce grows, the air cargo industry can expect higher growth, too.

Cold Chain Logistics

Refrigeration in logistics changed everything from how we get our food to how we get medicines. As we all know, heat can damage any number of products, and keeping packages at the appropriate temperature can provide us fresh food, sensitive medications, and even electronics.

Air cargo shortens the time between origin and destination, and as more products need temperature regulation during travel, cool or cold chain logistics will no longer just be refrigerated trucks or train cars, but airplanes and air freight cargo.

Within the pharmaceutical and medical industries, maintaining the proper temperature during transportation can mean the difference between medicines that work and those that don’t.

Our medical and pharmaceutical logistics services offer a seamless supply chain management that meets all regulatory stands and can be customized for any client.

Continued Uncertainty of Global Markets

As we explored in a previous blog post, the world of international logistics is an art. The logistics industry is affected by the large political and global changes in borders and customs.

While the United States has put more pressure on China through increased tariffs, the White House is also trying to increase trade with Japan and rework the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

With this uncertainty, companies may choose to rely more on air cargo because of the speed of shipments.

At AFP Global Logistics, our 25+ years of experience in international and global logistics services make us a leader in the industry. We offer time critical logistics and mission critical logistics, including Next Flight Out (NFO) Air and charter services, from a Lear Jet to a 747 Jumbo Jet.

Our international logistics services include Door-to-Door and Door-to-Airport Air Freight Services.

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