Trade Shows in 2021
September 6, 2021 AFP Expo, News

Trade Shows in 2021

Trade shows came to a screaming halt in 2020 because of Covid-19. As stores and offices begin to fully reopen, as do trade shows across the world. While they may not be the same as they were back in 2019, companies and trade show organizations are ready to swing their doors wide open. 

Trade Shows in 2021


You will notice a few different characteristics of trade shows in 2021. We have put together a few pieces of advice as we navigate this new normal. 


Shows and Schedules 

Instead of a trade show that is one to two weeks long, we will begin seeing shorter, more condensed shows. This also means companies may have less time to set up and tear down. Make sure your merchandise and props get to where they need to be on time. With shipping delays constantly occurring, it may be a great idea to ship your pallets ahead of time and store them with a trusted source, like AFP Global Logistics. 


Be aware that there may be additional changes in show schedules and some shows may require appointments to be scheduled ahead of time. This is so that customers have one-on-one time with the rep and do not have to crowd around with a ton of other people.If this is the case, let your customers know to book ahead.


There also may be smaller events that one must sign up for. If there are speakers you know you want to hear, or booths you know you want to visit, make arrangements ahead to get the best experience. 


Trade Show Tip: After an in-person show, send your customers or your potential leads either a thank you/recap email, or even a gift via snail mail. Stand out amongst everyone else by making the relationship personalized and valued. 


Keep attendees up to date

Guidelines and mandates must be followed in accordance with the area. Setting capacity limits, practicing social distancing, use of masks and sanitizer and other safety precautions will be put into place in order to have a safe and successful trade show.


It is always a great idea to contact all attendees to let them know what type of guidelines will be in place. Protocols are changing every day, so keeping everyone, including the vendors, up-to-date on what will be required or recommended is crucial. If necessary, send a weekly update as the trade show gets closer, that way everyone knows what to expect. 


Trust the experts

Now more than ever, it is important to trust experts in the field of Expo Logistics. From FTL shipping to same-day air freight services and everything in between, AFP Global Logistics has what it takes to manage all of your logistics. We will customize our services to meet your needs and we offer advanced warehousing, a trade show on-site service desk, and like mentioned before, event storage for pre and post trade show. With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, AFP Expo has built a reputation as one the best logistics service providers for trade shows in the region. We will handle every detail of your trade show so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


All in all, expos are back and ready to boom. Whether you are a customer, vendor, or are in charge of putting together the entire show, think outside the box, be unique and stand out amongst others. Get started early and think ahead on how to get your containers to the event.. Make your 2021 expos one your customers will always remember! 


As your trade show logistics partner, AFP Global Logistics, provides logistical solutions customized on client needs and venue requirements. Our team of trade show specialists strive to build partnerships through communication and customer service. With a no-fail reputation, the AFP Expo team knows they must ask questions relevant to the development of logistical planning and strategy necessary in meeting strict timelines ensuring our clients’ experience seamless and stress-free. Our work does not stop once a plan is in place, the AFP Global Logistics team monitors trade show shipments from pick-up to delivery allowing AFP Expo to overcome unforeseen challenges transparent to the client and trade show attendees. Need assistance, contact us today!