February 1, 2021 Business Basics

Top 3 Ways Technology Can Protect Your Shipments


Technology saved trade shows over the past year by allowing Zoom and other virtual trade shows to happen, but it is also helping the industry in another way – by protecting shipments. More and more companies are using computers to create their logistics schedules and use cloud storage to back up this important (and sometimes confidential) information. 



Technology is not going away any time soon, so it’s best to utilize it as best as possible. Here are the top three ways technology can protect your shipments




Technology and computer programs allow for the tracking of shipments to happen. In this day and age, tracking is essential and allows your logistics company to see how your shipment is going through the process to get to its final destination. Collecting this data helps logistics companies to predict more realistic lead times for their shipments while also keeping everyone informed of shipment status.  




If your company uses computers or wifi in any way during the shipping process, important information is being put at risk of being hacked. Using technology to plan and track shipments makes things easier, but this information is precious and should not be shared with anyone. 


Using cybersecurity technology to protect your shipments and client information will be critical to your business’s success. Some hackers know how to hack a network to redirect or steal shipments, which can severely impact your logistics. Enabling a cybersecurity plan will give you peace of mind to know that you can focus on shipping needs without having to worry about important information getting leaked to the wrong people. 


Real-Time Data 


In the unfortunate event that something happens when your shipments are en route to their destination, you’ll know right away, thanks to technology. If your business’s computer system uses technology to schedule and track shipments, it will alert you in real-time if anything were to go wrong. 


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