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November 27, 2019 Trade Shows

3 Things to Know About the Trade Show Floor

Trade shows present businesses in all industries a unique opportunity to marketing their products, show off the latest technology, and build brand awareness. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the exhibition industry is growing. In 2019, they saw gains in revenues and attendees at conferences and trade shows, and overall growth in their total index. 

However, the industry is also growing by expanding upon the traditional idea of a conference. A recent New York Times article highlights how business conferences are catering to their attendees.

They write, “Hotel capacity, meeting space, and airport access remain the basic needs, but more destinations are playing up their distinctive venues and creating unique experiences.”

When attendees leave the office and come to a conference or trade show, they often want to see and experience new things. Attendees and exhibitors also want experience without stress. 

At AFP Global Logistics, we have over 25 years of experience in the trade show logistics industry. Our dedicated AFP Expo team specializes in trade show shipping and convention shipping. We customize our solutions to ensure that our clients have the materials where and when they need them.

We also make sure that exhibit materials are shipped according to the expo’s requirements and everything arrives without delay. Over the years, we’ve learned what success looks like on the trade show floor. Here are three things to know about the trade show floor, and how to make your exhibit successful and memorable. 

Get the best space on the trade show floor you can.

Trade shows and conferences at conventions centers can be huge. This means that the trade show floor can also be massive, with hundreds of vendors set up. The trade show floor is a marketing opportunity, and like any marketing opportunity, you want to make sure the eyeballs are on your product.

Find out how spots are determined on the trade show floor. One of the best ways to get a good spot on the floor is by reserving space early. Commit to the event as early as possible, especially if the spaces are first-come, first-serve. 

Look at previous layouts of the event or the trade show space and determine what space might work for you. Bigger is not always better, and being too close to an entrance can actually deter people from coming to your booth. While crowds can sometimes attract people to your booth, bottlenecks can make people avoid the area altogether. 

Make plans in advance and organize. 

In addition to requesting space on the trade show floor early, make sure that your overall plans for the event are well-organized. Even if you don’t reserve space early, look at deadlines for being included in marketing materials and trade show publications.

Also, consider the deadlines for shipping materials and when an exhibit needs to be on the trade show floor. Many convention centers have specific guidelines for shipping, unloading, set-up, and break down. At AFP, our Expo team can provide a full-service solution for your expo shipping needs.

Our experts can manage all of the logistics, including advanced warehousing, shipping, insurance, customs clearance, and international logistics capabilities. 

Showcase your best. 

After all the preparation beforehand for a successful exhibit and event, make sure that your conference or trade show experience is the best it can be. By planning in advance and using an expert logistics company, you can take away the worry of wondering whether all of your materials will arrive on time. 

However, once you have all of your materials, a few things can help make your event successful. Make sure that you have a booth that is both visually appealing and welcoming to attendees.

Video, audio, lighting, and interactive features can bring attendees in. Signage and banners with clear branding also let attendees know who you are well in advance of approaching the booth. Also, have plenty of marketing materials to hand out.

A booth at trade show floor is marketing, and promotional items help draw people in and remember your name. Finally, make sure you have enough staff to cover the booth. A trade show space without anyone to answer questions or follow up with more material is never inviting.

The expo experts at AFP Expo are here to help handle all of your trade show logistics and event shipping services. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact AFP Global Logistics at 800-274-1237 or send us an email ( For trade show shipping services, businesses know that they can trust the experts at AFP Expo.