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October 2, 2019 AFP Expo

5 Things to Know About Corporate Event Logistics

The business and corporate events industry is large and growing. Trade shows, corporate events, industry events, and conferences exist in industries across the globe, across many industries.

According to the PCMA (formerly the Professional Convention Management Association), “The business events industry injects more than $1 trillion into the global economy.” The North American region has the highest direct spending by region.

The Events Industry Council estimates that business events spend around $381 Billion annually. Although many people are involved in the industry, how corporate event logistics operate are complex. Here are five things to know about planning corporate event logistics. 

A Timeline is Crucial 

Like with any big project, knowing your timeline is crucial. At AFP Global Logistics, we know that in the corporate event logistics industry, timelines are especially unforgiving. A few hours can spell the difference between success and disaster. A detailed timeline ensures that all parts of the event are planned and executed on time.

For example, a timeline should include when vendors need to arrive and set up, but also when their display materials can arrive at the venue. Our AFP Expo team offers extensive knowledge and experience to create a timeline that matches the need of the event. 

Understand the Attendees 

Corporate events can range from less than a hundred attendees to over 100,000 attendees. Planners should have as precise a number of attendees as possible. A large number of attendees not only requires a large venue, but more advanced planning. An event with a smaller number still requires detailed planning, but may not need to be planned as far in advance.

The number of attendees may also determine the load-in times of vendors, the number of vendors and food vendors, and how the display spaces or show floor should be set up. Knowing who is likely to attend can also help you determine what special needs the event might require, or what types of technology can assist in planning. 

Know the Venue

The number of attendees will determine the size of the venue. However, selecting the venue may be more complicated than just choosing a place determined by the size. Planners need to also take into consideration the cost and the specific logistics of the venue. A venue may require special paperwork, insurance, or permits.

AFP Expo takes the time to build these logistics into the overall timeline. We also can provide insurance and guidance with technical issues. 

The venue may also determine certain logistics parameters. Convention centers, conference halls, and event hotels have many events booked throughout the year. This means that the time vendors have for on-site setup may be very limited. AFP Expo works with our logistics team to provide long and short term storage options, domestic and international shipping, and time critical logistics.

Knowing the venue also helps to ensure success during the event itself. Successful corporate event logistics includes mapping the venue. This allows for a good flow of people while making the most of the space. 

Prepared Staff Equals Success 

At AFP Expo, we have over 25 years of experience in the best logistics services and trade show shipping services. Our customized solutions provide event planners with the necessary arrangements for a worry-free experience.

We work with planners to ensure that everyone on the logistics team knows the timeline and plan. On the planners side, making sure that everyone knows the chain of command also allows for day-of changes and contingency plans. 

Communication is Key

Part of a prepared staff includes communication among all people working to make sure the event is a success. At AFP Expo, our team provides timely and seamless communication with exhibitors, associations, event planners, and logistics staff.

We oversee all corporate event logistics, including shipping, storage, set-up, and special handling. We communicate regularly and efficiently with planners and the venue. This allows the event planners to focus on creating a memorable and positive experience for attendees. 

Let the expo experts at AFP Expo handle your corporate logistics. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact AFP Expo at 800-274-1237 or via email.

We have more than 25 years of experience providing the best international logistics services and trade show shipping services in Washington DC and beyond, including Maryland, the greater Washington DC metro area, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia.