Retail Supply Chain Management
April 4, 2022 Business Basics

Retail Supply Chain Management 101

What are retail logistics and retail supply management?

Retail logistics manage the flow of merchandise between manufacturers and consumers. Think about the raw materials needed to create a product. How are they shipped, stored, and coordinated to create the final product?

Retail supply management coordinates and manages the retail supply chains of an organization. The main difference between the two is that logistics is the flow and storage, while supply chain management is the movement. 

What is the difference between retail logistics for a brick-and-mortar business vs. e-commerce?

There are pros and cons to any type of business, and the same goes for brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites. A brick-and-mortar store manages the flow of merchandise between the manufacturer and the consumer directly. An e-commerce store needs to package the order, ship it out, ensure delivery, and handle how returns are shipped back in some instances. 

Of course, there is the option to have both forms of your business as well, but you must be prepared to handle the logistics for each of them. Ensure you have a proper inventory that keeps both the physical location and online shop in stock. This means that you need a plan set in stone for shipments, storage, and how the products are created. 

Which retail logistics company should I choose?

When it comes to choosing between retail logistic companies, consider providers who have great experience and resources. This is important for them to handle even the most complex retail logistics. When companies build connections with vendors and outside sources over the years, it benefits the clients tremendously. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the retail logistic industry, AFP Global Logistics has developed an extensive network of relationships. These relationships allow us to provide superior retail supply chain management services. This will maximize your operational efficiency while minimizing your supply chain costs.

Why would I use AFP Global Logistics? 

We provide a wide range of retail-focused services that are customizable to suit your requirements. Our value-added retail services include:

  • Bundled warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation
  • Dedicated account representative and single point of contact
  • Customized logistic schedules that meet the timeline for production and installations
  • Debris removal of packing material and outdated fixtures
  • Online tracking and tracing
  • Time-critical deliveries
  • White glove service
  • Customized reports with delivery status and proof of deliveries (POD)

AFP Global Logistics is one of the leading retail logistic providers in Maryland and beyond. This includes the greater Washington DC metro region, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. 

When it comes to timeliness and reliability, no job is too big or small for us to handle. Call us at (800) 274-1237, email us at, or fill out a contact form for a quote regarding your company’s retail logistics. We work directly with you to ensure everything fits with your company’s plans and processes. Our professionals are happy to discuss your shipments.  

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