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October 22, 2019 Business Basics

The 5 Most Important Steps of IT Asset Recovery

In a world reliant on technology, securing and recovering IT assets can become a critical part of operating a business. IT asset recovery balances time-critical logistics with knowledge of the industry and technology. 

In the world of cloud computing and offsite information storage, many companies and governments have a decreased fear of losing critical information through loss of hardware. Today, offsite storage also helps secure data in case of natural disasters, fires, floods, or power surges.

It also allows users to increase the amount of storage space they have access to. However, making sure information technology and structural hardware remains secure at all times is still a concern for many businesses. If the offsite technology needs to be recovered, time is of the essence. 

IT asset recovery can also include retrieving outdated technology or computers a company is going to upgrade. For some companies, this can include telecommunications equipment that is being updated to cloud service. Other companies may simply want to move IT assets from one location to another during a move, securely.

CFO Magazine points out that one of the biggest misconceptions about cyber security is thinking digital and physical security are different. Making sure that assets are secure throughout the move can be critical for cyber security. 

At AFP Global Logistics, our asset recovery team has over 25 years of experience in global logistics. We work closely with removal specialists and time-critical freight companies. Our team makes sure assets are recovered quickly and economically.  Here are the five most important steps of IT asset recovery. 


The first step in IT asset recovery is identifying the assets. Although this may seem fairly obvious, knowing which assets need to be recovered will determine the time-critical logistics, including packing, method of transportation, and storage.

At AFP, we can accommodate IT assets including excess and obsolete products, computer systems, server room equipment, network routers and switches, and other IT equipment. 


Quick deployment and collection of assets allows for two things. First, if the assets simply need to be recovered, a quick recovery means the value of the assets remains as high as possible for recycling. Second, if the assets need to be moved or transferred, our time-critical services ensure that an on-time delivery allows for our client’s business to continue as usual.

We work with our clients to develop and timeline, and make sure that everyone involved in the process follow the timeline. We also facilitate insurance permits and other necessary paperwork to make sure that all assets are recovered in a timely manner. 


Collecting assets involves secure packing and shipping. As a company with decades of experience in the global logistics industry, we ensure secure collection of all assets. We can provide our own trucks or partner with an asset recovery shipper, creating a customized program for any project. Our experienced crews use the proper equipment to securely pack and transport all assets. 

Receiving and Storing

Our data center relocation services cover every aspect of a technology move. We offer tech refresh services, which include switching old equipment with newer IT assets. If a move is temporary or the new facility is not yet available, we also offer customized and secure warehousing solutions


Our team works closely with our clients every step of the way, including at the end of a service contract. We can assist with erasing data and recycling IT assets. We also can provide additional reporting and certification regarding the recovery, transportation, and delivery of assets as needed. 

For the best asset recovery and tech refresh services in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Northern VA, and the greater Washington DC metro area, trust the experts at AFP Global Logistics. Don’t trust your mission critical asset recovery work to the amateurs; team up with a professional who can get the job done right.

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