Supply Chain Issues
December 17, 2021 Uncategorized

How Supply Chain Issues Will Affect Holiday Shopping

The holidays as we know it are shaping out to be a bit different this year, and not just because of the global pandemic. It’s no secret that the supply chain that provides the goods we know and love are being tied up on a global scale, affecting everything from Thanksgiving turkeys to fresh Christmas trees. Businesses across the world are being impacted by the abrupt way our goods have been tied up. Below, we are discussing a few of the ways that the supply chain issues became this broken and why it’s probably not being fixed anytime soon.


Supply Chain Issues


First, how did this happen?

As a consumer-driven economy, we are so used to clicking a button and seeing a package arrive on our doorstep a day or two later. In some cases, it can arrive that same day! With current supply chain issues, consumers are finally feeling the woes of having to wait and be patient for our goods to arrive. So how did we get here? Like many of the disruptions we’ve faced since the start of COVID-19, the supply chain issues can be traced back to the same origins. When most of the world shut down in March 2020, factories and manufacturers that provide common goods closed right along with them. What’s worse is that even after most businesses have reopened, businesses still suffer from worker shortages when their employees quit, get sick or are unable to perform their jobs any longer. In addition to manufacturing schedules getting off course, the cargo ships that actually carry and deliver the goods are also experiencing a crisis. Many cargo ships are currently experiencing a “traffic jam” in the Pacific Ocean, looking for a port to dock at that has the crew to support unloading it. Then, once the goods are off the ship and onto a container truck, there simply aren’t enough drivers in the workforce to drive the goods to consumers across the country. In short – it’s a mess! 


How will this affect holiday shopping?

Both business owners and consumers need to shop early this year to avoid running into issues with low inventory and delivery schedules. It may have served some people well to shop for all their gifts the day before Christmas Eve, but that’s simply not the case in 2021. With so many supply chain issues, inventory is low. You can see it when you walk into a big-box retailer or small mom-and-pop shop. There just simply aren’t many goods out there, so shoppers need to be prepared and get their lists checked off early. 


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