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November 15, 2019 News

4 Things to Know About Holiday Travel

At AFP Global Logistics, moving things is what we do best. For 25 years, we’ve used air, rail, road, and ship to transport shipments of goods across the world. And although we don’t move people, we know a lot of travel. If you are traveling for the holiday season, you’ll be on a plane, train, in a car, or on a boat. Here are five things to remember to stay happy and safe when you travel this holiday season. 

Avoid peak travel days. 

When we are moving time-critical shipments or just trying to make a deadline, we can’t always avoid shipping on a peak travel day. However, if you are traveling over the holidays, you should avoid the days when most people will be traveling.

For Thanksgiving, this is always considered the Wednesday before the holiday. This is the day that airports have the longest lines, trains and buses are the most full, and traffic jams pop up across the country. If possible, travel early Thanksgiving morning instead.

This year, Christmas and New Years Day both fall on a Thursday. This may mean that there are fewer peak travel days, since people may leave town the weekend before to take the early part of the week of, or just leave on the holiday itself. 

Figure out the best travel route. 

Figuring out how you will travel can often be a headache. Here at AFP, our experts always thinking about combinations of methods of transportation, and the cost-benefit analysis of shipping by truck, train, plane, or ship. Holiday travels should make similar considerations. While flying might be the fastest, it might not be the most cost-effective.

And, when you consider the time it takes to get through security, it might not be faster at all. Flying without a direct flight also opens up the opportunity for missed connections or long layovers. Make sure you plot out your flight so that you have enough time if a flight is delayed, but not too much time so you are stuck at the airport. 

Think before you pack. 

At AFP, our days are spent thinking about packing and shipping. While sometimes we hire other carriers to do it for us, we still have to consider whether a shipment needs special treatment or care on delivery, like medical and pharmaceutical shipments.

Similarly, if you are packing for a trip, consider what it is you need to bring and how to pack it. Review the most recent TSA guidelines if you are flying, so you know what you can and can’t bring on the plane.

You should also review the airline’s policy on carry-on and checked bags. That way, you don’t face a surprise at the airport and have to pay extra. If you are planning on bringing gifts for friends and family, consider having the items shipped directly to your location. In many cases, it won’t cost extra and just saves you the hassle of bringing it along. 

Know the technology that can make travel easier. 

Do you remember when we read maps to get to our destinations? Or printed out MapQuest directions from the internet? Today, we all know that technology like GoogleMaps is crucial to a road trip. At AFP, we use the latest technology to track our shipments. This allows our customers to feel secure that their freight will arrive on time. If you are traveling for the holiday, figure out the technology that will make your trip easier.

This might include the airline’s app for online check-in and mobile boarding. Earphones or headphones don’t seem like an obvious technology, but they can help drown out others on the plane, or just let the kids listen to a tablet without disturbing everyone else in the car. Consider an extra charger to keep your cell phone charged. And although it’s not a new technology, a water bottle can help keep you hydrated and happy on any trip. 

If you need help shipping anything other than yourself and your family this holiday travel season, contact AFP Global Logistics. With 25 years of experience in the global logistics and shipping industry, we have the skills and resources to deliver on time and on budget. Contact us today at 800-274-1237 or via email