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Early Planning Essentials for Trade Shows & Expos

Attending a trade show is one of the most efficient ways to market your business and to network with potential clients and investors. However, attending the trade show is not enough: you have to attend with a clear goal in mind, an excellent exhibit on display, and with the right expo logistics team on your side to help you pull everything off! Planning ahead for your trade show experience is an essential part of ensuring things go the way you want them to- read on to find out more!

How Far in Advance Should I Plan My Trade Show Exhibit?expo logistics

When it comes to an event as important to your company’s success as a trade show, you can really never be “too prepared.” In some industries, the whole year can revolve around different companies planning for a trade show and developing newer, innovative exhibits that keep the competition at bay. While the exhibit or display you will be using may take months on end to plan for, once you have your schedule in place, you can get in touch with a team of expo logistics experts to start dealing with the concrete details. With the logistics team from AFP Expo on your side, you have flexible, reliable options to choose from, including:

-Same-day air freight services

-Warehousing services in advance of the trade show

-Full-truckload shipping

-Special handling services

-Short or long-term storage before and after the trade show

-Insurance services

-and more!

When it comes to planning for a trade show, your company’s goal should be to focus on creating a compelling and engaging exhibit that will enhance your business’s profile in the industry. AFP Expo’s goal is to customize your expo logistics to give you the freedom to do just that. Get in touch with AFP Expo today for more information on planning for an upcoming trade show.

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