November 20, 2020 News

Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Depends on Time-Sensitive Logistics


With coronavirus cases spiking again in the United States, many are starting to discuss the possibility of a vaccine being ready sooner than we previously predicted. If the FDA approves the vaccine within the next few weeks, the distribution of 10 to 30 million doses of vaccine will be available as early as December 2020. 



The current vaccines in question (made by Pfizer) are being stored in freezers at -94F (-70C) and need to be distributed and administered within ten days of leaving the manufacturer if packed in a dry icebox. If they are stored in fridge temperatures of 2-8C, they can last for up to five days.



This means that a time-sensitive logistics plan must be created to get these vaccines to their destinations in time. AFP Global Logistics is prepared and ready to help distribute these necessary vaccines around the country


If the Virus Is Successful


If the virus successfully prevents coronavirus for many Americans after its first round of distribution, more and more doses will be created and will need to be shipped out. Large U.S. integrators have already signed on and have begun preparing new cold facilities. Logistics firms like AFP Global Logistics will play a critical role in distributing essential vaccines around the country.


Some countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, are also building cold facilities in several areas, and they are preparing their vehicles as well. However, in regions such as Africa, South America, and other poorer countries, this process is not realistic. Rural villages do not have the vaccine fridges necessary for storing the vaccines at the appropriate temperature, so it will not be easy to distribute in the same way. 


Tracking the Vaccines


Another aspect of this process that logistics teams like AFP in the United States have to think about is tracking the vaccines. Officials want to use a program called “Tiberius” to trace the vaccines and connect shipping company databases to the government. This is a brand new technology that will increase the difficulty of shipping these vaccines. Tracking vaccines is yet another step that these life-saving vaccines will have to go through before reaching their end destination.


Once the vaccines are approved, the process will need to begin quickly but accurately. There will be many steps put in place, but these vaccines can change the world for the better if it is done right. AFP Global Logistics is sure that we are ready to take on this responsibility and help millions of people all over the country.


We are not sure what will happen over the next few months, but we know that AFP Global Logistics will always be ready for whatever comes our way. If you need a logistics partner that will work with you, please contact us today. 


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