Drive In Comfort and Style
November 22, 2021 News

5 Ways to Truck Drive In Comfort & Style

Because truck drivers spend several hours on the road per year, they must be comfortable while sitting in their seats. Imagine driving for more hours of the day than you were sleeping – would you want to be sitting on something that feels like a wooden board? Of course not!


Drive In Comfort and Style

With truck drivers being some of the most critical workers in this country because of the nature of their job, they must be driving in style and comfort. 


AFP Global Logistics has been in the business for over 30 years, so we are here to share some of our favorite tips on how to make your drive as easy as possible. Here are five ways to drive in comfort and style.


Secure Entertainment Options 


Because truck drivers will spend many hours on the road, they must have some type of entertainment to keep them awake and alert while driving. The radio is the easiest option, but this can get repetitive, and the advertisements can become intolerable. 


Luckily there are many podcasts on the market, and many of them are free on streaming services! They have everything from podcast talk shows to audiobooks to true crime stories; whatever your interest may be, consider setting up your phone to start streaming during your long rides.


Use A Dash Mount 


While trucks usually have some easy-to-use dashboard system in place, a dash mount might be a great extra accessory if you frequently use your cell phone while driving. Of course, we are not talking about texting while driving, but if you were trying to do simple things like switch a song, or navigate to a maps page, then you’ll want your phone to be as least distracting as possible.


Hands-free mounts make this easy, and they are compatible with any vehicle and almost any cellular device. Consider looking online to find the best option for you.


Seat Covers


Last but not least, consider investing in a quality seat cover. There are covers on the market with super plush cushions for extra back support, and some have automated massage technology. Or perhaps you suffer from an achy back and are always putting a heating pack behind you; ditch the old method and get a seat cover with an electric heater!


It would be best to consider investing in whatever you need to make you as comfortable as possible while driving. As a truck driver, you’ll spend most of your days sitting in the same seat and on the road, so it only makes sense to try and alleviate as much pressure on your back as possible to avoid long-term ailments.


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