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January 22, 2021 Business Basics

5 Reasons To Use Cloud Storage For Logistics Management


Staying up to date on the latest industry trends is very important to us at AFP Global Logistics. In a world that uses more and more technology every day, it is essential to use computers and their programs to our advantage.

cloud storage



Using cloud storage is helpful for various reasons, but mostly for getting the most out of your day to day operations. Here are five reasons to use cloud storage for logistics management. 


Utilization Patterns


When creating a shipping and logistics schedule, it is always the main goal to get deliveries where they need to be, on time, and in the most efficient manner. Integrating cloud software allows the computer to watch for patterns and then give suggestions on utilizing company time. It can also let you know how to use equipment efficiently, helping to eliminate unnecessary additional costs. 



Using cloud software to track inventory in real-time can be a complete game-changer for logistics. When trucks and products are continually being scheduled and shipped out at all times of the day, keeping an accurate inventory record can be challenging. However, a cloud program consistently watches this data and will always have the most updated inventory levels. Real-time inventory is a great way to track products and run your business efficiently. 




Within logistics, pricing can vary depending on the weather, demand, market conditions, and more. Like real-time inventory levels, cloud storage and computing allow for real-time pricing to be adjusted if need be. Being able to keep your company pricing competitive in real-time can significantly improve the success of your business. 




Working with cloud software allows every employee to communicate with one another to get the job done effectively. For example, it would take up valuable company time for an employee to have to download logistics plans before sending them via email to another employee who then has to download them before opening, etc. Instead of taking the long route, cloud computing cuts this time in half. Allowing all employees to access the same computer files via cloud storage will cut down on wasted time and promote open communication throughout every department. 


Keep Information Safe


Although no one is safe from computer hacking, having a cloud storage system can prevent harm if an attack does occur. For example, in the unfortunate event that a hacker steals and then deletes all company information, the cloud storage would have a backup saved of every file, which can significantly reduce the level of harm done to your business. 


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