Prevent Packages from Being Stolen
May 12, 2021 News

3 Ways to Prevent Your Packages from Being Stolen

Packages, when left outside, are always put at risk of being taken by a thief. The most popular time of year for porch theft is typically right around the holidays, but the summertime can be just as dangerous due to the warm weather and the increased number of people walking around. 


Prevent Packages from Being Stolen

If your packages are frequently being stolen, there are measures you can take to further prevent this from happening. And if this has yet to happen to you – consider yourself lucky! And consider implementing these methods to protect your personal and professional packages further. 


Here are three ways to prevent your packages from being stolen:


1. Install A Security System 


Security systems not only scare off potential thieves, but they can also catch them in the act if they are successful, helping to track them down later on. While a video surveillance system of some kind is the preferred method, simple security tactics such as motion detection and sound alarms can also be beneficial.


However, a video surveillance camera such as a Ring doorbell is the most popular way to catch a porch thief today. We’ve all seen the viral videos of people approaching the house, looking right into the camera, which eventually helps the police track down the culprit(s). With this said, this might be an excellent option for your business entrance. 


Another great piece of security technology is a large porch security camera. While a discreet camera might seem like a good idea, it is sometimes better for perpetrators to see the camera, so they never commit the crime in the first place. Consider weighing the several options to see what is best for protecting your business.


2. Ask Your Neighbor For Help 


If you know that you will be expecting an important package, and you or your employees will not be around – consider asking a neighboring business for help. It doesn’t hurt to ask your neighbor to bring the packages inside their business in the meantime for safekeeping, and you might end up making a connection that the two companies might have never made otherwise. 


You can also consider asking your neighbor to switch the delivery address on the package to theirs so that it automatically gets delivered to them for safekeeping. 


3. Track The Package At All Times


If package tracking is available, this is the best way to track where it is, in real-time, to assure that you will be at the final destination to retrieve it. This can also be an excellent way to see if the package made it to where it was supposed to go. 


How AFP Global Logistics Can Help


If your business has frequent extremely important or time-sensitive packages, our white glove shipping services might be of interest to you. With this service, we see that your package is safely delivered during the last mile of transportation and is personally handed over to the approved personnel at the arrival destination. 


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