Summer Logistics Tips
May 26, 2021 News

3 Summer Logistics Tips – How to Survive The Heat

Summer is almost officially here! And while that may be exciting for most people, others dread the hot summer months because they work in a warehouse. With all of the heavy machinery and trucks running, it can get sweltering in the warehouse, making it harder for employees to get their jobs done efficiently and safely. 


Summer Logistics Tips

However, this can change. There are a few ways to keep your warehouse and its employees cool and safe this summer without having to make costly investments. 


AFP Global Logistics has got you covered. Here are three summer logistics tips for surviving the summer heat. 


1. Install A Cooling System 


Cooling large (often metal) warehouses with high ceilings is no easy task, but companies must take specific measures to keep everyone safe. For example, installing industrial fans throughout the warehouse is a great way to keep the air flowing and create a nice breeze for employees. 


Another way to cool the warehouse down without air conditioning is by keeping unused delivery doors open at all times. This will ensure that fresh air is being adequately circulated in the warehouse, and paired with the fans, it can sometimes feel just like air conditioning. 


2. Keep Workers Hydrated & Make Sure They Take Breaks


For many adults, drinking the daily recommended amount of water is tough, but it is necessary, especially during the summer months. To avoid dehydration issues or emergencies, be sure that your staff is appropriately hydrating themselves during the day and taking proper breaks. Consider promoting hydration by supplying employees with refillable company water bottles, installing water fountains, putting up water coolers, and more. 


3. Instruct On Signs Of Heat Stroke 


Heatstroke is very common and can come on fast, depending on how dehydrated a person is. The more people that know how to identify and treat the signs of heatstroke, the better. 


With this said, consider training your employees on the signs of heatstroke, treating someone who is suffering from it, and how to prevent it in the first place. Not only will this keep everyone safe, but it will also help to reduce machine-related accidents and warehouse injuries. 


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